2008 Proceedings Design and Aesthetics
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2008 ITAA Proceedings #65

Schaumburg, IL, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design and Aesthetics  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2008 Design and Aesthetics

Bailey, S. & Roberts, J., (2008). Complimenting Elements: A Teaching Tool for Technical Design

Boorady, L. & Schofield, N., (2008). Why don’t the clothes fit? – Part2: Implications in women’s pants sizing from SizeUSA data on Hip minus Waist difference

Chang, L., (2008). Personal Fitting and Design

Chase, R., (2008). Cloth to Clay – Transferring Patternmaking Skills between Disciplines

Cho, H. & Wang, Y., (2008). Comparison of the Acceptance Model of Online Customization for Apparel: A Cross-Culture Study

Connell, L. & Sancheti, Y., (2008). Bagging Bloom’s Taxonomy

Henry, P., Hines, J., Lee, H. & Frey, D., (2008). What Comes First, The Hem or Side Seams?

Hines, J., Henry, P., Frey, D. & Lee, H., (2008). Construction Revisited: Technical Design Skills

Jeong, S-Y. & Nam, Y., (2008). Front Body Type Analysis and Classification for Female

Kim, Y-H., (2008). A Case Study of Costume Design for Effective Display of Electronic Goods

Mingxin, B. & yan, M., (2008). The Closing-Fixing System of Man’s Costume Opening in Modern China

Murray, B., (2008). Silhouettes in Fashion Design: Creativity and Shape in Corsetry

Newcomb, B. & Istook, C., (2008). Human Body Modeling in 3D Apparel CAD Systems

Perez, C., (2008). Does Variance in Textile Width Impact Marker Utilization Percentage?

Perez, C., (2008). Teaching Marker Making Software Can Provide Opportunities to Introduce Basic Apparel Mass Production Concepts

Perez, C., (2008). To What Degree Does Using a One-Way Versus a Non-Directional Textile Impact Garment Cost?

Roberts, J. & Bailey, S., (2008). The Fashion Portfolio- Promoting One’s Self for a Career in the Fashion Industry

Shin, S. & Istook, C., (2008). Sizing Systems for Children’s Wear in the United States

Song, K. & Fiore, A., (2008). Will Mass Customization of Apparel Work in China? An Empirical Examination