2007 Proceedings Historic Cultural
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Historic Cultural track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2007 Historic Cultural

Adam, K.R., & Marcketti, S.B. (2007). Have you taken your lobster for a walk lately? The importance of dress in the Bohemian literary movement in nineteenth century France

Arthur, L.B., & Khoza, L. (2007). Experiential Learning in Ecuador

Braaten, A.W., & DeLong, M.R. (2007). One is Good, Two are Better: A Method for Studying Material Culture as Tradition

Chattaraman, V., & Ulrich, P.V. (2007). Innovative Use of Historical Resources in Inception of Design Ideas and Development of Illustrative Style

Chen, R. (2007). Structural Analysis of Plant Fiber Artifacts from a Shipwreck

Clayton, T., & Mullet, K. (2007). Design of World War II Wedding Dress Through Content Analysis

DeLong, M., Gage, K., McKinney, E., Medvedev, K., & Park, J. (2007). Living on the edge: Experiences of a cultural interchange

Dickson, C.A. (2007). What do they want now? A survey of museum guest curators

Eluwawalage, D. (2007). Culture, Clothing and Gender: A Historical Overview

Hancock, J. (2007). A Maxwell Visual Milieu in the Role of American Domestic Advice: “Now Why Didn’t You Think of That?”

Kuttruff, J. T. (2007). Prehistoric Leather Moccasins from Missouri and Arkansas

Lee, M-J., & Lee, I. (2007). The Borderless Trend in Men’s Fashion in the 21st Century

Lewis, V.D., Green, D., & Conti, A. (2007). Self-Fashioned Tribes: Intersections and Objects

Lin, S.H. (2007). Historic Chinese Dragon Robes: Political Rank Indicated by Textiles

Looysen, R., & Kaiser, S.B. (2007). Dress Like a Man: Exploring Fashion Discourse in Esquire Magazine 1980-2007

Lopez-Gydosh, D. (2007). Exploring History of Costume Through the Creation of a Celebrity “News” Magazine

McElvain, J. (2007). 19th Century Dress Reform: Women’s Organizations and their Efforts towards Comfort and Equality

Nam, K-M., & Gray, S. H. (2007). Fashion and masculinity: Esquire magazine 1933-1945

Orzada, B. T. (2007). Cultural Authentication as a Tool for Understanding Cross-cultural Influences on Dress

Park, K-Y., Ko, S-Y., Joen, M-S., Kim, M-J., Chung, S-R., & Park, M-J. (2007). Analysis of the Knitting Yarns Presented in Knit Trend Books

Park, S. & Damhorst, M.L. (2007). Development and Validation of a Measure of Postmodernity in Dress

Parsons, J., & Trout, B. (2007). Commentaries in American Design 1946-1975: Creating a Collaborative Exhibition

SaVe, M., & Sanders, E. (2007). Documenting the Indigenous Knowledge of Lace-Making on the Island of Pag, Croatia

Schofield-Tomschin, S., & Ohrn-McDaniel, L. (2007). Text on Textiles: A Taxonomy

Sharp, J. R. (2007). A Study of a Pair of Delaware Moccasins, and a Comparison of the Decoration used with that used on Moccasins from Areas Settled by the Delaware

Shen, L., & Chen, R. (2007). A Qualitative Study of Dress Acculturation of Chinese Students in the U.S.

Shephard, A.J., & Gunn, V. (2007). Women voicing political sentiments through quilts

Strawn, S.M. (2007). Transitions in Traditional Religious Dress in a Communalistic Society

Welkey, S.K., & Caldwell, L. F. (2007). Cultural adaptability: A learned behavior

Wilson, L.E. (2007). The Chaps of the Range Rider Museum

Wu, J., & Yang, J. (2007). Chinese Wedding Dress in the 20th Century

Xiao, G. (2007). The Impact of Cultural Values on Chinese Consumers’ Foreign-brand Apparel Purchasing