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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 DESIGN Page 1

(2005). Beginning to let go: a rehearsal dinner suit for the mother of the bride or groom

Allyn, L. (2005). Kasane no irome: Alluring seduction through layered color tones

Ames, A. (2005). Ancient Future

Amollo, R. (2005). African Sunrise

An, S. (2005). Radiant Rose

An, S. (2005). Natural Browns

An, S. (2005). Purple Empire

Andrade, M. (2005). Femme Fatale

Anonson, A. & Capjack, L. (2005). Copper Cascades

Bacon, B. (2005). Nature’s Inner-workings

Bae, S-J. (2005). A Lotus Dress

Bae, S-J. (2005). A Reflection of Renaissance

Bae, J. & May-Plumlee, T. (2005). Flora: The Goddess of Spring

Bae, J. & Donaldson, R. (2005). A Seamless Woven Jacquard Shirt

Battani, M. & Winge, T. (2005). Album Leaf

Battista, C. (2005). Tracks of Life

Bisset, A. (2005). Revisitation

Black, C. (2005). Black as the Night

Black, C. (2005). Simply Elegant

Black, C. (2005). Victorian Elegance II

Bone-Harris, D. (2005). Iced Mocha Parfait

Bone-Harris, D. (2005). Woodstock Revisited

Bone-Harris, D. (2005). Mardi GrasKwon, Y. & Campbell, J. (2005). Multiple Channels of Information

Boorady, L. (2005). Sealed with The Kiss

Boyadzhyan, M. (2005). Garni

Boyadzhyan, M. (2005). Statue of Liberty

Brazzelle, M., Connell, L., & Ulrich, P. (2005). You've Got to Stand for Something or You'll Fall for Anything

Bryant, N. (2005) LaRose

Burchett, M. and Istook, C. (2005). NaturalScience: Honeycombed and Pleated Nonwoven Apparel

Burchett, M. (2005). Out of Bounds: Futuristic Tennis Fashion

Burke, D. Connell, L. J. and Ulrich, P. (2005) Fit to Tie

Bye, E., Rose, L., & Bryant, N. (2005). Pennycircles

Calabro, A., Ulrich, P., & Connell, L. (2005). Pieds Froids (Cold Feet – A Modern Robe a la Francaise)

Campbell, J. and Parsons, J. (2005). Transformation: Icarus

Capjack, L. (2005). Papillon

Carrico, M. (2005). Daddies don’t let your daughters grow up to love cowboys


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