2011 Merchandise Management Visual Promotion
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandise Management & Visual Promotion track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Merchandise Management and Visual Promotion

Adomaitis, A.D. (2011). A Sign of the Times: Experiential Learning Managed by Industry Retailers

Bennur, S. & Jin, B. (2011). The Mediating Role of Brand Trust and Affect in Brand Loyalty Formation: A Cross-Cultural Examination of U.S. and India

Byun, S.-E., Kim, H., & Duffey, M.A. (2011). A Multi-course Collaborative Project within a Global Context: Multi-dimensional Learning Outcomes for Merchandising and Interior Design Majors

Chang, J.Y. & Kwon, W.-S. (2011). The Influence of Brand Personality Incongruence and Perceived Brand Fit on e-Store Patronage Intention for Multichannel Apparel Retailers

Chang, J.Y. & Kwon, W.-S. (2011). The Influence of Self-Image Congruence and Perceived Self Fit on Apparel e-Store Patronage Intention

Chattaraman, V., Kwon, W.-S., & Gilbert, J. (2011). Visual Presence of Virtual Agent Personas: Impact on Older Users’ Experience in E-tail Sites

Cho, E. & Fiore, A.M. (2011). Testing an Expanded Consumer-Based Brand Equity Model in Korea: Addition of the Lovemark Concept

Cole, L.L. & Kim, J. (2011). The Effects of Visual and Written Fit Information on Plus-Size Women’s Perceived Fit Risk in Internet Apparel Shopping

Fiore, A.M., Niehm, L., Hurst, J., Son, J., & Sadachar, A. (2011). Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies, Brand Distinctiveness, and Small Business Success

Gibson, F.Y. & Frasier, P.Y. (2011). Teaching Students the Impact of Visual Merchandising on the Retailer’s Bottom Line

Hong, H., Seock, Y.-K. (2011). Motives for Reading Online Consumer Product Reviews and Online Shopping: Use of Reviews, Product Involvement, Purchase Behavior and Satisfaction

Im, H. & Ha, Y. (2011). Effects of Vividness and Involvement on Engagement: Moderating Effect of Gender

Ju, H.W., Im, H., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Measuring Visual Attention to Online Shopping Websites using Eye Tracking

Kim, J. & Hahn, K.H. (2011). Effects of Personal Traits on Generation Y Consumer’s Attitude toward Mobile Commerce

Kim, H.J., Ahn, S., & Park, B. (2011). Are You In Flow? Dimensionality and Influence of Flow on Blogging Engagements

Kim, M., Malkewitz, K. & Orth, U.R. (2011). The Role of Visual Fluency on a Thumbnail Page in E-retailing: A Process Model

Kwon, W.-S. & Mann, M.K. (2011). The Effect of Product Interactivity on Imagery, Substitutability, Perceived Value, and e-Store Patronage Intention

Lee, H.-H. & Hill, J. (2011). Consumer Value Perception of Short Message Service Mobile Marketing

Lin, S.-H. (2011). Merchandising Plan: Creating a Video Advertisement

Lin, S.-H. & Mammel, K. (2011). Virtual Try-on and 3D Avatar Technology for Fashion  Products

Mizrachi, J., Ballweg, L., & Jung J. (2011). Online Retail Environments: Comprehension, Interaction and Satisfaction Between Consumers and Apparel Retail Websites

Seo, M.J. & Burns, L.D. (2011). Use of Social Media by Apparel Companies: The Case of Facebook

Sharp, J. & Elsasser, V.H. (2011). Incorporation of Visual Retailing/Mockshop Software into an Academic Curriculum

Shim, S.I., Forsythe, S. & Kwon, W.-S. (2011). Online Flow: A Strategy to Build Brand  Loyalty

Smith, L.N., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Using Sex to Sell: The Effect of Use of Sex and Product Relevancy on Cognitive Response and Advertising Effectiveness

Son, J., Sadachar, A., Manchiraju, S., Fiore, A.M., & Niehm, L. (2011). Consumer Adoption of Online Collaborative Co-Design

Welker, K. & Mills, K. (2011). Developing Merchandising and Cultural Knowledge through Home Furnishings Tabletop Project

Yoo, J. & Kim, M. (2011). The Effect of Product Coordination and a Model’s Face on the Internet

Yu, U.-J., Damhorst, M.L., & Lee, H.-H. (2011). Exploring Multi-dimensions of Product Performance Risk in the Online Apparel Shopping Context: Visual, Tactile, and Trial Risks