2011 Proceedings Social Pscyhological Aspects
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social Psychological Aspects track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Social Psychological Aspects

Aghekyan, M. & Kim, D.-E. (2011). Cross-Regional Differences in Effect of Body Shape and Body Size on Perception of Body Attractiveness

Collier, A. & Hahn, K. (2011). Resurgence of Textile-Making in Modern Society: Social Implications

Ellington, T.N. & Rishel, T. (2011). Inner City, African American High School Girls and their Perceptions of Dress, Self-Efficacy, and Academic Achievement

Jakubauskas, M.L. & Damhorst, M.L. (2011). An Exploration of Motivations for Men's Exercise and Fitness Involvement

Janigo, K.A., Mun, J.M., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Tattoo Decisions: The Importance of Design and Placement of Young Women’s Body Art

Johnson, K.K.P., Ju, H.W., Marshall, K.M., Kim, H.-Y., & Wu, J. (2011). Effect of Dress and Gender on Perceptions of Victims and Perpetrators of an Alleged Date Rape

Jung, J. & Hwang, C.-S. (2011). An Examination of the Factor Structure and Correlates of Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery Among South Korean University Students

Kang, J.-Y.M., Kim J., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Use of Clothing to Enhance Mood: Personality Traits, Beliefs, Social Appearance Anxiety, and Perceived Clothing Functions as Determinants

Kim, J.-Y., Lee, K.-H., & Park J. (2011). Self-Image Congruence and Behavioral Intention Model: Children’s Clothing Purchasing Behavior

Lee, J.Y. (2011). Body Extension Behaviors: A Phenomenological Investigation

Oakley, N. & Damhorst, M.L. (2011). Satisfaction with Dress and Appearance Identity When in the Minority: Experiences of African-American and Latina Women at a Predominately White Campus

Park, B. & Rudd, N.A. (2011). Appearance Evaluation: A Content Analysis of a Fashion Blog, The Sartorialist

Pi, L. & Lennon, S.J. (2011). Analysis of Consumers’ Visual Perception of Garment Fit: An Eye Tracking Study

Presley, A.B. & Upchurch, W. (2011). Relationship Between Level of Acculturation and Clothing Preferences of Asian-Indian Females

Reilly, A. & Rudd, N.A. (2011). Fragrance Orientation, Body Image, and Social Physique Anxiety: A Pilot Study,

Sancheti, Y.K., Connell, L.J., & Ulrich, P.V. (2011). What Makes us Attractive? Exploring Differences in Adolescent Girls’ Ratings of Features of Attractiveness

Sancheti, Y.K., Ulrich, P.V., & Connell, L.J. (2011). Exploring Peer Influence on Adolescent Girls’ Body Weight Concerns

Sanders, E.A. (2011). Insight about Slave Appearance in Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl through the Use of Structural Narrative Analysis

Sohn, M.H. & Bye, E. (2011). Pregnancy and Body image: Analysis of Clothing Practices among Pregnant Women

Stannard, C.R. & Sanders, E.A. (2011). Size Acceptance or Obesity as Epidemic: A Feminist Analysis of Plus-size Clothing Catalogs

Yang, C.C. (2011). Style Performance in Taiwan’s Cosplay Subculture

Yu, U.-J. (2011). Deconstructing Consumers’ Perceptions and Advertising Effectiveness of  Thin-Idealized Media Images