2011 Proceedings Sustainability and Social Responsibility
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Sustainabiity and Social Responsibility track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Abraham, L, Oh, K., & Tetewsky, S. (2011). Do Values and Recycling Behaviors Have an Influence on Proenvironmental Consumption Choices?

Armstrong, C.M. & LeHew, M.L.A. (2011). Course Redevelopment for Sustainable Development: Holistic Transformation of an Apparel Product Development Capstone

Chen, R., Swank, K. & Shen, L. (2011). Industry Perspectives of Sustainability Education

Cobb, K. (2011). From The Ground Up: Demonstrating Sustainability In The Product Development Phase

Diddi, S. & Niehm, L.S. (2011). Marketing of Eco Fashion Products: Scale Development and Validation

Ehnes, B., McQueen, R., & Moran, L. (2011). An Exploratory Study on the Perception of Odor on Clothing 

Elsasser, V.H. & Sharp, J. (2011). Increasing the Emphasis on Sustainability in a Fashion Curriculum

Fiorito, S., Grise, K., Heitmeyer, J., & Cloud, R. (2011). Advancing Awareness and Sustainability through Reuse/Recycling of Cotton and Other Textile Clothing Products among College Students

Gam, H.J. & Banning, J. (2011). Exploring Sustainable Apparel Design Development with Problem-Based Learning

Gaskill-Fox, J., Hyllegard, K.H., & Ogle, J.P. (2011). How Apparel Companies Communicate Corporate Social Responsibility on their Websites

Gupta, M. & Hodges, N. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility in the Apparel Industry: An Exploration of Indian Consumers’ Perceptions and Expectations

Ha-Brookshire, J. & Norum, P. (2011). Teaching Sustainability: Case of a Sustainable Cotton Summit

Halter, H., Lee, J.Y., Ju, H.W., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Clothing Disposition Process: Identifying Ties to Social Responsibility/Sustainability

Irick, E. & Farr, C.A.(2011). Consumer Opinions and Willingness to Purchase Apparel Made from Repurposed Fabrics

Kim, J. & Fong, C. (2011). Reclaiming American Life: The Effects of Social Capital on Urban Consumer Support and Retailer’s Socially Responsible Actions

Knight, D.K., Kim, H.J., & Spears, D. (2011). Generation Y: Lifestyle and the Impacts on Sustainable Consumption Practices

Kozar, J.M. & Hiller-Connell, K.Y. (2011). Sustainability Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior: A Comparison of Students in the Family and Consumer Sciences Disciplines

Lee, M.Y., Wesley, S. & Jackson, V. (2011). The Use of Consumer Characteristics and Shopping Behavior to Identify Socially Responsible Shopper Segments

Lee, S. (2011). College Students’ Fashion Value, Environmental Consciousness and Willingness to Pay More for Environmentally Friendly Apparel Products

Lee, Y.-A. & Bae, S. (2011). If You Could Be in Charge: Student Ideas for Promoting Sustainability in Fashion Product Development Processes

Leonas, K.K., Wadsworth, L., Liu, H., Hayes, D.G., Wallace, R., Miles, C., Cowan, J., Wszelaki, A., Martin, J., & Inglis, D. (2011). Degradable Agricultural Mulch, a Technical Textile: Year 1 of a Comprehensive Field Study

May, Y.J. & Lee, H.-H. (2011). Self-transcendence and Openness to Change Values in Fair Trade Consumption

McRoberts, L.B. & Ramirez, S.A. (2011). Teaching Apparel Design Students Social Responsibility

Oh, K. & Baek, K. (2011). Save Money, Live Better? An analysis on Social Capital and Wal-Mart Shopping Behavior

Pasricha, A. Damhorst, M.L., & Kadolph, S. (2011). Exploration of the Meaning of Sustainability in the Textiles and Apparel Discipline and Prospects for CurriculumEnhancement

Rhee, J., Johnson, K.K.P., & Lee, J.Y. (2011). “The Wardrobe Diet”: Teaching Sustainable Consumption Practices through Experience

Shen, D. (2011). How Much Do Consumers Know about Sustainable Fashion?Strickfaden, M., Zembal, V., & Force, S. (2011). Towards Winter Outdoor Clothing Designsfor People with Mobility Impairments

Villalobos, A. & Ulasewicz, C. (2011). Sustainable Window Display Materials and Consumer Purchasing Intent