2012 Proceedings ITAA KSCT Joint Symposium
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium

Ahn, Cheunsoon and Oh, Jeeun.  HPLC Analysis of Indigotin and Indirubin Composition in Indigo Powder Dyes and its Effect on the Color and the Antimicrobial Effect of Dyed Cotton Fabric
Ahn, SuhYoung, Park Mi Ree, Yoon, Seung Won, Koh, Ae-Ran, and Lee, Mi Ah.  The Effects of Communication and Mountain Climbing Wear Benefits Sought on Clothing Usage Behavior
An, Sanghee.  A Study on Perceived Risk of Apparel e-shopping -Focused on the Comparison of the Consumers between Japan and Korea
Bang, Jee Hyun and Lee, Yhe-Young.  Analyses of Surrealist Fashion Design Based on Object Utilization Categories
Chae, Keumseok and Kim, Sohee.  Study on the Similarities of Culture Shown in the Ancient Relics of the East and the West-for the Purpose of Using it as Fashion Source
Choi, Jiyoung, Wu, Yanjun, Kim, Namyim, Hong, Kyunghi, Park, Heeguen, and Lee, Wanglok. The Effect of the 3D Compression Pants with Kinesio Taping on Isokinetic Muscle Strength during Knee Joint Movement
Do, Wolhee and Ashdown, Susan. Comparison of Perceived Virtual fit on 3D Clothing Modeling Systems between Korean and American College Women - Focus on Virtual Fit for Women’s Jeans
Ha-Brookshire, Jung, Kim, Jihyun “J”, Lee, Yuri, Kim, Hanna, Lee, Jinhwa, and Yoh, Eunah. Initiating Conversation on Collaboration: Ground Work for Future Collaboration amongst Scholars in a Global Community
Hong, Heesok, Seock, Yoo-JKyoung, Kim, Gi-Eok and Kim, Eun-Young.  Perceived Inferiority of Review Quality: Increasing Perceived Risk of Online Shopping and Decreasing Online Purchase Intention
Hwang, Jinsook, Kim, Eunae, Ahn, Cheunsoon, Park, Soonchun, Jeon, Eunkyung, Shim, Jeongeun. How Do Korean Apparel and Fashion Majors Produce Fashion Professionals?
Jeon, Eunkyung, and Moon, Jeehyun. Analysis of the Demand on the Disposable Sanitary Pad by Use Evaluation According to Age Groups
Jin, Byoungho and Jung, Sojin.  Small Business Internationalization: What Hinders and How We Can Help?
Ju, Naan, Jung, Hoejin, and Lee, Kyu-Hye.  Creative International Collaboration Activity: A Case Study of a Street Fashion Magazine, “Cracker Your Wardrobe”
Kim, Namyim, Wu, Yanjun, Choi, Jiyoung, and Hong, Kyunghi.  Functional Panel Design of 3D Compression Suit and Performance of Body Movement
Kim, Soyoung, Lee, Yejin, Choi, Jiyoung, Wu, Yanjun, Kim, Namyim, Lee, Heeran, and Hong, Kyunghi. Development of Man’s Base Layer Compression Garment Using 3D Korean Standard Figure Adopting the Concept of 3D Geometrical Sculpturing
Kim, Ye Seong and Hwang, Choon Sup. Consumers' Satisfaction with Cosmetics after Purchase according to Perceived Risk and Information Source Utilization: Viewed by the Type of Distribution Channel
Kim, Yongju, Ryu, Hyo-Seon, Suh, Chuyeon, Yi, Kyong-Hwa, Lee, Yuri, and Son, Jin Ah. Utilization of Manpower in Korean Fashion Industry
Kim, Yongsook. Comparative Study on the Effect of Country-of-brand and Brand Personality on Sportswear Purchase Intentions of University Students in Korea and China
Kwon, Hyun Ju and Brinthaupt, Thomas M. The Cross-Cultural Fashion Project: An International Collaborative Online Student Activity
Kwon, Yoo Jin. Collaboration between Designers and Managers: From the Perspective of Cultural Branding Strategy
Lee, Duck Weon and Kim, Eunae. Reverse Heat Transfer in Structural Fire-Protective Clothing
Lee, Jaeil, Lee, Yoon-Jung, Hong, Kyung-Hee, and Kim, Eun Jung.  Teaching Locally Learning Globally: Team-taught Class in Mongolia and South Korea
Lee, Jeong Sun, Kwon, Hyuk Sang, and Koh, Ae-Ran.  Factors Influencing Korean Slow Fashion Consumer Purchase Attitudes
Lee, Jiyeon, Park, Guira, and Kim, Eunae.  Change in Way of Thinking: Air Layer Expands to Make Smart Outdoor Jacket at Cold Environment
Lee, Keum Hee and Ahn, Min Young.  Application and a Method to Extract a Color Chip
from Color Images that Correspond to Image Scale
Lee, Yhe-Young, Moon, Heekang, and Lee, Hyun-Hwa.  Exploring Muscularity in the Ideal Body of Korean Women
Lee, Yoonkyung. Using the Creative Idea Development Model in Fashion Design Class-Focus on Compounding Model
Lee, Yuri, Na, Youngjoo, Park, Soonjee, Song, MikyungLee, Kyu-Hye, Lee, Seunghee, Yim, Eunhyuk, and Jeong Yeonhee.  Demands for Clothing and Textiles Curriculum Development in the Globalized Environment
Moon, Jeehyun and Jeon, Eunkyung.  An Analysis on Technical Design of Disposable Protective Coverallsto Reduce Farmer’s Syndrome
Oh, Gyeong-eun, Hwang, Jeong In, and Park, Jae-Ok. Consumers’ Perceptions concerning Service Fairness and Their Effect on Relationship Quality and Performance in Clothing Stores
Park, Gin Ah. The Computerized Human Body Modeling and Work Motion-capturing within the 3-D Virtual Clothing Simulation System for the Wearer Mobility Evaluation of Painting Work Clothes
Park, Minjung. The Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in On-Offline Channels
Park, Soonja.  Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Sensation and Hand Values of Persimmon Juice Dye-Printed Fabrics
Ryu, Hyo Seon and Chae, Jeong-min.  Cellulosic Fabrics from Wooden Lacquer Wares Excavated at Paju Hyeeumwonji
Woo, Hongjoo and Jin, Byoungho.  Corporate Social Responsibility Communications of Global Apparel Firms: The Website Analysis of U.S., European, and Asian Firms
Wu, Yanjun, Choi, Jiyoung, Kim, Namyim, and Hong, Kyunghi.  Development of Tight-fitted Replica PatternUsing Regression Equations from 3D to 2D Direct Pattern Development
Xu, Yuanyuan and Hwang, Jinsook.  The Effect of Country Image on Korean Fashion Brand Preferences of Chinese Consumers
Yang, Heesoon, Jung, Hye Jung, Youn, Chorong, and Choi, Yun Jung.  International Research Collaboration Patterns in Clothing and Textiles
Yoon, So-Yang and Ha-Brookshire, Jung.  Country of Origin Factors Influencing Perceived Price for Multinational Products