2012 Proceedings Pedagogy
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Pedagogy track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Aghekyan, Marine and Lee, Seunghee.  Fostering Students' Global Competence by Linking Knowledge to Practice
Alexander, Theresa C. and Alexander, Lalon.  Linking Skills in Pattern Making and Apparel Production
Banning, Jennifer and Gam, Hae Jin.  Opportunities for Feature Films in Teaching Fashion History
Bruce - Ashley, Vera.  The Fashion Show Production Class: Best Practices
Diddi, Sonali and Marcketti, Sara B.  The Role of Museum Exhibits in Teaching Textiles Related Courses
Dunne, Lucy E.  Electronics for Designers: Experiences from a One-Week Crash Course
Eason, Kathryn, MacDonald, Nora M. and Barnes, M. Lynn.  Teaching Practicum Assessment: Student Portfolios
Ellis, Joan L.  Are they getting it? Using Audience Response Systems in Merchandising Mathematics
Hasty, Ashley and Embry, Mary.  Addicted to Hashtags: Don’t Be a Castaway
Kim, Jongeun  and Cho, Hira.  A Community Service-Learning Project in Apparel Design and Merchandising
Miller, Phyllis Bell.  Stepping into the World of Fashion: A First-Year Experience (FYE) Course That Helps Students to Select the Right Career Path
Mull, Ian, Lee, Seung-Eun, and Palentyn, Erica.  Using Online Social Games as a Teaching Tool for Visual Merchandising
Mullet, Kathy, Stannard, Casey R., and Reddy-Best, Kelly.  Integrating Historical Research into the Apparel Design Studio
Myers, Beth and Norum, Pamela.  Enhancing Creativity and Preparing Students for Careers in the Apparel Industry through Implementing a Blogging Assignment in an E-commerce Course
Ott, Robert.  The Cyclone of Experiential Learning: Developing Student Leaders
Reeves-DeArmond, Genna.  Response Journal Writing as a Technique to Promote Understanding of Scholarly Research in Clothing and Textiles Undergraduate Education
Reeves-DeArmond, Genna and Pederson, Elaine L.  Applied Learning in a Cross-Cultural Dress and Textiles Course: The Development and Assessment of a Product Development Project
Ruppert-Stroescu, Mary.  Designer/Technology Interface: Hand and Computer Fashion Sketching
Salusso, Carol J.,  Tsai, Chiayun, and Smith, Nicole.  Visual Merchandising and Promotion: Gaining Computer-Aided-Design Skills
Salusso, Carol J. and Vandermar, Deborah.  Drape-to-Draft Block Patterns
Sampson, Paula B.  Learning the Importance of Clear Communication and Teamwork: Developing an Experiential Apparel Development/Production Assignment
Strickfaden, Megan.  The Democratic Exhibition Design Process
Tan, Hui-Siang, Jakubauskas, Melissa L.,  and Niehm, Linda S.  How to Get to Students to “like it:” An Advanced E-commerce and Social Media Workshop for the Merchandising
Ulasewicz, Connie.  Student Perceptions and Valuing of Peer and Self-Assessments in a Senior Product Development Class
Welkey, Sharon and Wuest, Beth.  High-Impact Practices; Maximizing our Potential
Wyatt, Nioka.  Integrating Problem-Based Learning in Fashion Projects