2009 Proceedings Soc-Psych
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social-Psychology track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections Library and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


Adomaitis, A. D. & Coffey, C., (2009). Postpartum Appearance Management Behavior and Social Identity

Chattaraman, V. Helm, S., Presley, A. B., & Shannon, D., (2009). Influence of Body Discrepancies on Emotions and Approach-Avoidance Coping Behaviors

Green, D. N. & Kaiser, S. B., (2009). Men’s Reflections on Appearance Styles and Masculinity

Hwang, J. & Rudd, N., (2009). Moving from ‘Push’ to ‘Pull’ in Education: Harnessing Social Media for Teaching Net Generation

Ju, H. W. & Johnson, K. K. P., (2009). Young Women’s Visual Processing of Fashion Advertisements Using Eye Tracking

Kim, J-E., Kang, M. & Johnson, K. K. P., (2009). Appearance Management During Childhood and Adolescence: Resolving Conflicts

Kozar, J. M., Damhorst, M. L. & Yu, U-J., (2009). Effects of Age Identity on Social Comparison and Body Image

Lee, S-H. & Workman, J. E., (2009). A Comparison of Korean and U.S. Consumers' Counterfeit Purchasing, Collectivism, Public Self-Consciousness, and Brand Sensitivity

Ogle, J. P. & Damhorst, M. L., (2009). Deconstructing Stereotypes: Undergraduate Curriculum to Engender Empathy and Tolerance toward Obese Persons

Reddy, S. R. & Burns, L. D., (2009). Women’s Age, Appearance Schema, Self-esteem, Body Image Coping Strategies across Life Span

Reilly, A., Rudd, N. A., Boynton-Arthur, L., & Freson, T. S., (2009). Review of Men’s Body Image: What (Little) We Know

Seock, Y-K. & Hathcote, J. M., (2009).  A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Hispanic-American vs. White- American Adolescents’ Use of Reference Agents for Apparel Shopping

Son, J. & Johnson, K. K. P., (2009). Deterrence and Avoidance of Risky Appearance Management Behaviors

Tyler, K., Hickey, C. & Jung, J., (2009). Siblings, Peers, and Romantic Relationships: Their Impact on Female College Students’ Body Image

Tyner, K. & Damhorst, M. L., (2009). The Emerging Aging Body: Possible Selves through the Consumption of Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures

Ulrich, P. V., Connell, L. J., Simmons, K. P. & Gropper, S. S., (2009). Weight Change and Appearance Investment in First Year College Students

Yoo, J-J. & Lee, J., (2009). Impact of Peer Influence on Adolescent Boys’ Appearance Management Behaviors

Youn, S-Y. & Lee, K-H., (2009). Clothing Interest and Acculturation of International Students in Korea: Covariate Effect of Cultural Values