2010 Merchandising Visual
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising-Visual track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Merchandising - Visual

Adomaitis, A. D., (2010). A Sign of the Times: Experiential Learning Managed by Industry Retailers 

Aghekyan-Simonian, M. & Forsythe, S., (2010). Risk-Reducing Role of Product Brand Image and Online Store Image


Alexander, M., (2010). Simulating a Virtual Store for Visual Merchandising using Tex-Store


Byun, S-E. & Harben, B., (2010). Cultivating Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills through Visual Critiques


Fiore, A. M., Fitzpatrick, J., & Sadachar, A., (2010). A Redesigned Aesthetics Course with a Focus on Building Brand Identity through the 5Ps


Forsythe, S., Kwon, W. S., & Bian, Q., (2010). Branding Practice among Small Soft Goods Retailers: An Exploratory Study


Jeong, S. W., Stoel, L., & Fiore, A. M., (2010). The Impact of Online Product Presentation on Consumer Experiences and Shopping Value


Jung, J. & Shen, D., (2010). Consumer Perceptions of Luxury Fashion Brands and Their Relationships with Cultural Orientation Between China and the U.S.


Kim, H., Niehm, L. S., & Park, S., (2010). The Assessment of Information Quality in Small Business Websites


Kim, S-H. & Kwon, W-S., (2010). Korean Apparel Industry Practitioners’ Cognitive Structure of Korean Menswear Market


Kim, H., (2010). Merchandising Portfolio as a Holistic Display of Student’s Analytical and Creative Skills


Kwon, W-S. & Shim, S. I., (2010). Offline and Online Drivers of Retail Customer Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction: A Critical Incident Technique Approach


Lennon, S. J., Kim, M., Lee, J., & Johnson, K. K. P.,(2010). Antecedents of Consumer Emotions on Black Friday


Mower, J. M., Childs, M., & Kim, M., (2010). Exterior Retail Atmospherics, Mood and Behavior Intentions


Oh, K., (2010). The Effect of Perceived Brand Innovativeness on Brand Value and Perceived Brand Future


Park, H. & Cho, H., (2010). Factors Influencing Commitment to Social Networks: Implications for the Apparel Business


Pookulangara, S. & Natesan, P., (2010). Influence of Demographics on Channel-Migration: A MIMIC Modeling Approach


Wu, J., Ju, H. W., Kim, J., Damminga, C., Kim, H-Y., Johnson, K. K. P., (2010). Fashion Product Display Dominant by Color, Visual Texture, and Style Coordination: An Experiment with Mockshop


Yoo, J., Kim, M., & Burns, L., (2010). The Effects of Home Page Design on Consumer Responses: A Moderating Role of Brand Familiarity and Centrality of Visual Product Aesthetics


Young, D. D., Dragoo, S. L., & Magie, A. A., (2010). The Example Board Strategy for Teaching Presentation Board Production