2010 Historic Cultural
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2010 ITAA Proceedings #67

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Historic-Cultural track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Bissonnette, A., (2010). Doing History with Objects: Betty Kirke and Madeleine Vionnet

Casad, V. A. & Tontore, S. J., (2010). Connecting the Person to the Object:The Use of Genealogical Research Methods and Sources in Conducting Artifact Analyses
Copeland, R. & Hodges, N., (2010). Midnight Robbers, Sailors, and Stick Fighters: Masculinity and Gender Roles as Expressed through Masquerade Costume at Trinidad Carnival
Green, D. N. & Hamiltion, R., (2010). Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations’ Thliitsapilthim: Declarations on Cloth
Hasty, A. S., (2010). Second Weddings: A New Kind of Fairytale
Jakubauskas, M. L. & Marcketty, S. B., (2010). Age and the Feminine Ideal: Beauty and Age in 1930s Fashion Magazines
Keist, C. N., Kadolph, S. J., & Marcketti, S. B., (2010). The Introduction and Promotion of Rayon, 1910-1924
Lee, Y-Y., (2010). Application of the Jigsaw Model for Instructing the History of Western Costume Course
Lopez-Gydosh, D. & LaFleur, R. S., (2010). Then and Now: Exploring the Evolution of Haute Couture, a Fashion History and Merchandising Project
Matheson, L. & Kaiser, S. B., (2010). Textiles and Texts: Material Cultural Studies through Literature
Miller, P. B., (2010). Serving the World Better: Creating a Cross-Cultural Merchandising & Design Course That Addresses Merchandise Design, Marketing, & Acquisition
Presley, A. B., (2010). Hands-on Learning for Historic Textiles
Ratute, A. & Marcketti, S. B., (2010). Using sweatshop history to meet social justice requirements of the undergraduate curriculum
Reese, L. & Boynton, L., (2010). Material Culture and Identity Expression in the Design Evolution of Surf Trunks
Reeves-DeAmond, G., Ogle, J. P., & Tremblay, K., (2010). Research and theory trends in historic costume and textiles scholarship: An analysis of Clothing and Textiles Research Journal and Dress
Strawn, S. M., (2010). A Collaborative Approach to Increasing Student Research Capabilities: Integrating Professional Librarianship into Research Assignments for Historic/Cultural Course Curricula
Strawn, S. M. (2010). Needlework as Indicator of Economic and Career Opportunity for American Women: 1900-1950
Whang, M. & Haar, S., (2010). The Role of Nelly Don’s 1916 Pink Gingham Apron Frock in the Modernization of the Middle-class American Housewife