2008 Proceedings Consumer Behavior
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2008 ITAA Proceedings #65

Schaumburg, IL, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Consumer Behavior

Adomaitis, A., Kwak, L. E. (2008). Hispanic opinion leaders: Young, acculturated, and educated.

Atkins, K. G., & Kim, Y. (2008). The smart shopping construct: Scale development and validation.

Braaten, A. W., Manikowske, L. (2008). Digital Gen Y perceptions of multi-channel shopping.

Cho, S. & Chen-Yu, J. (2008). Antecedences of Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction with Salesperson’s Performance: A Comparison between the Elderly and Adolescents

Cho, H. & Fiorito, S., (2008). Consumer participation and perceptions of apparel co-design websites.

Cho, E. & Niehm, L., (2008). Young consumers’ casual apparel shopping behavior across multiple retail channels.

Connell, K. Y., Sontag, S. (2008). Identifying environmentally conscious apparel acquisition behaviors among eco-conscious consumers.

Hsu, H. & Burns, L., (2008). National Cultural and Clothing Values: A Cross-national Study of Taiwan and United States Consumer.

Kang, J. & Park, H., (2008). Shopping motivations related to fashion leadership.

Kim, H., Fiore, A., Niehm, L. & Jeong, M., (2008). Consumer innovativeness and behavioral intentions towards pop-up retail

Kim, M. & Burns, L., (2008). Consumer Perceptions of Apparel Products in Internet Shopping

Kim, H-J. & Forney, J., (2008). Fashion-Brand Experience: Intervening Customer Value and Brand Equity.

Kim, H-Y. & Lee, Y., (2008). Korean Consumers’ Attitude and Purchase Intention toward Fashion Cultural Products with Korean Image

Lee, Y-M., Park, N. & Park, J., (2008). A Study on Customer-oriented Design Attributes of Knitwear on the Basis of the QFD Method

Lee, H. & Lee, S., (2008). Internet vs. Mobile Services: Comparisons of Gender and Ethnicity
Lee, J. & Johnson, K., (2008). Relative and Interaction Effects of Situational and Personal Factors on Impulse Buying

Lin, S. (2008) Attitudes and behaviors regarding use of organic cotton products: A survey of college students fro two Thailand universities.
Ma, Y. & Hahn, K., (2008). Measuring Decision-Making Styles of Today’s Young Consumers

Park, H-R. & Stoel, L. (2008). The Influence of Interactive Tools on Online Apparel Customer's Attitudes and Intentions.

Rhee, Y. & Chen-Yu, J., (2008). Roles of Website Attributes and Product Price in Online Impulse Buying with Apparel Products.

Seo, M., Lee, J. & Lee, K., (2008). Influence of e-WOM on Internet Apparel Shopping

Sun, X. & Lin, S., (2008). Exploring Caucasian and Chinese consumers’ preferences for scented textile products

Yang, D., Kim, H. & Anderson, J., (2008). Chinese Consumers’ Adoption of the Internet for Apparel Shopping: A Replication Study

Yang, H., Choi, Y., Nam, Y. & Kim, M., (2008). Online shopping enjoyment and risk reduction effect of 3D virtual models on purchase intention

Yu, H., Michon, R. & Smith, D., (2008). Fashion Orientation, Shopping Mall Environment, and Purchase Intention: A study of Female Shoppers