2014 Proceedings Consumer Behavior
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2014 ITAA Proceedings #71

Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

November 12-16, 2014

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable HERE.

Consumer Behavior

Brown, Victoria and Hodges, Nancy. Understanding Consumption during the Transition to Motherhood: An Exploration of Shopping Orientation among New Mothers

Burnsed, Katherine Annette; Hodges, Nancy; and Moody, Michael B. Generational Cohort Groups’ Hedonic and Utilitarian Attitudes Toward Shopping for Home Furnishings Case Goods

Chang, Hyo Jung; Yurchisin, Jennifer; and Hodges, Nancy. Consumers with Visual Impairments: Impacts of Self-Efficacy and Public Self-Consciousness on Their Clothing Selection Motivations

Chen-Yu, Jessie; Cho, Siwon; and Kincade, Doris. Brand Perception and Repurchase Intent in Online Apparel Shopping

Childs, Michelle and Jin, Byoungho. The Effect of Brand Extension Strategy and Brand Level on Urgency to Buy and Brand Dilution

Cho, Siwon. Influences of Fashion Leadership, Preference for Exploratory Behavior, and Need for Cognition on Consumers’ Use of Internal Information and Tolerance for Risk-Taking

Choi, Jin Woo and Kim, Minjeong. Do the Sneakerheads Just Want To Be Like Mike?

Davis, Lizhu and Jai, Tun-Min. Religiosity and Store Choice Criteria: Exploring Christian Consumers’ Apparel Shopping Behavior in the United States

Fowler, Deborah; Chang, Hyo Jung; and David, Halie. What Do Tweens Think about  Fashion Apparel Brands? An Exploration of Tween’s Perceptions about Brand Personality

Han, Tae-Im and Stoel, Leslie. Explaining Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior: A Meta‐analytic Review of Theory of Planned Behavior

Higgins, Kathleen; Kinley, Tammy; Crutsinger, Christy; and Strubel, Jessica. Consumer Compulsive Buying and Hoarding in a World of Fast Fashion

Hunt, Emily and Kwon, Yoo Jin. From Objects to Possessions: Development of Meaning in the American Wedding

Kang, Hyo Jeong and Choo, Ho Jung. Are We Less Beautiful than We Think? Illusion about Self-physical Attractiveness

Kang, Ju-Young M. Showrooming, Webrooming, and User-Generated Content Creation: The Moderating Effect of SoLoMo

Kim, Hye-Shin and Ma, Michelle. Consumer and Brand Factors that Influence Perceptions of Green Brand Extensions

Kim, Hye-Shin; Shin, Eunyoung; Cheng, An; Lennon, Sharron; and Liu, Wing-sun. Influence of Design, Workmanship, and Familiarity on Consumer Perceptions of Country-of-Origin Apparel Brands: A Study of U.S., China, and Japan

Kinley, Tammy R. Josiam, Bharath M.; and Dutta, Kirti. The Indian Consumer Experience: Shopping Behavior and the Involvement Construct

Kobia, Caroline and Liu, Chuanlan. Developing an Attitudinal Model of Viral Marketing Acceptance: Moderating Effects of Consumer Traits and Situational Factors

Koo, Jayoung and Im, Hyunjoo. Happiness, Power, and Conspicuous Consumption: Do You Want Louis Vuitton More When You Are Happy or Unhappy?

Lee, Jaeha and Nguyen, Minhthu Jill. Influences on Vietnamese Consumers’ Preference for US Clothing Brands

Lee, Jaeil and Choi, Mi-Young. Cross-cultural Study of Obesity Regarding Sociocultural Attitudes on Appearance Involvement and Appearance Management Behaviors through Clothing: 20s-30s Female Plus-size Consumers

Lee, Jung Eun and Stoel, Leslie. The Effect of Price Discount Disconfirmation on Customers’ Perceptions

Liang, Yuli and Liu, Chuanlan. College Students’ Preference and Purchase Intention of Online Customized Sports Shoes

Lim, Chae Mi; Kim, Seeun; and Kim, Youn-Kyung. Extended Self-Concept and Brand-Related Responses in the Sensory Modality Context

Lu, Jinzhao and Xu, Yingjiao. The Role of Self-congruity in Chinese Young Consumers’ Brand Evaluation and Brand Loyalty towards Sportswear Brands

Lyu, Jewon and Lim, Heejin. Fashion Philanthropy and Customer Collaboration for Millennial Consumers: The Case of TOMS

McKinney, Ellen and Shin, Eonyou. A Framework for Classifying the Content of Online Reviews of Formalwear Rented Online

Mull, Ian and Lee, Seung-Eun. Neuromarketing: A New Approach for Fashion Marketing?

Mun, Jung Mee. Collaborative Consumers: Meaning of Sharing, Renting, and Swapping Online

Myers, Beth. The Role of Cause Involvement, Attitude toward Cause-related Marketing and Perceived Motivations in Predicting Consumers’ Intentions to Participate in a CRM Campaign

Park, Hyejune. The World’s Most Connected Apparel Consumers: Profiling Online Social Consumers

Rabolt, Nancy J.; Rider, Kaley; Haley, Shawn; Guzman, Amanda De; and Jee, Megan. Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Provocative Clothing Advertisements

Reiley, Kathryn and Janigo, Kristy A. Poppin’ Tags: How Consumers Communicate Uniqueness with Vintage Clothing

Shephard, Arlesa and Pookulangara, Sanjukta. Using Theory of Planned Behavior to Explain Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Slow Fashion Apparel

Shin, Eonyou and Damhorst, Mary Lynn. Exploring College Students’ Clothing Fit Perception and Overall Fit Satisfaction in General

Son, Junghwa and Jin, Byoungho. Toward the Deeper Understanding of Price and Purchase Intention Relationship: The Role of Price Fairness, Consumer Vanity, and Consumer Brand Familiarity Level

Su, Jin. Exploring the Relationships among the Dimensions of Fast Fashion Consumer-Based Brand Equity

Swanson, Alexandria; Rabolt, Nancy J.; and Markova, Ivana. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of San Francisco’s Apparel Procurement

Tung, Tracie and Chen, Hsiou-Lien. Is the Price Right? Understanding Eco-friendly Apparel Consumption

Yan, Ruoh-Nan and Podmore, Miranda. Understanding College Students’ Attitudes toward Made in USA Apparel Products: Exploration of Projective Techniques

Yoo, Jungmin; Kim, Minjeong; and Kim, Jung-Hwan. Service Attributes Available on Mobile Website

Yoon, Eunju; Im, Hyunjoo; and Ha, Young. Determinants of Consumer Intention for Mobile Coupon Redemption

Yu, Ui-Jeen; Gam, Hae Jin; and Baker, Renee. Identifying Characteristics of the Tween Fashion Consumer Groups

Yurchisin, Jennifer; Woo, Hongjoo; and Watchravesringkan, Kittichai. An Investigation of Socially Responsible Consumers’ Behavior in Thrift Stores