Graduate Programs
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Graduate Programs in Textiles, Apparel

and Related Fields


Degrees Offered

Contact Information

Auburn University
Consumer and Design Sciences
MS and PhD in
Consumer & Design Sciences
Dr. Pamela Ulrich
Ball State University
Family and Consumer Sciences


Dr. Diana Saiki
California State University-Northridge
Family and Consumer Sciences
Apparel Design and Merchandising
Dr. Hira Cho
M.S. in Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology
Dr. Maureen MacGillivray
Cornell University
Fiber Science and Apparel Design
MA and PhD in Apparel Design
MS and PhD in Fiber Science
MPS in Design (in development)

Dr. Margaret Frey

Colorado State University
Design and Merchandising

M.S. in Design and Merchandising Dr. Jennifer Paff Ogle
Fontbonne University
Human Environmental Sciences

Human Environmental Sciences
Concentration in Apparel Studies

Angela Dowell
Framingham State University
Fashion Design and Retailing
Consumer Sciences Department
Graduate Certificate in Merchandising--online

Dr. Irene Foster

Illinois State University
Family and Consumer Sciences
M.S. Dr. Yoon Jin Ma
Iowa State University
Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management
Non-Thesis M.S.
Ph.D. (on campus)
Ph.D. (distance)
Dr. Ann Marie Fiore
Kansas State University*
Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design 
 Ph.D., M.S.
GPIDEA online
 Dr. Sherry Haar
Masters of Fashion (MFASH)
Dr. Catherine Leslie
Lim College
  Center for Graduate Studies

MBA-Fashion Management and Entrepreneurship

MPS- Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management
MPS- Fashion Marketing

Parul Mucciarone

North Carolina State University
Textiles and Apparel, Technology and Management

MS in Textiles (Thesis option)
Master of Textiles (non-thesis option)

Ph.D. in Textile Technology Managment

Dr. Yingjiao Xu

Dr. William Oxenham

North Dakota State University

Distance and Continuing Education

M.S. in Merchandising
Merchandising Graduate Certificate
M.Ed. in Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Dr. Connie Jadrny

Northern Illinois University
School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
MS in Family and Consumer Sciences
Specialization in Apparel Studies

Dr. Betty Montgomery

Ohio University
Patton College
Apparel, Textiles, Merchandising
Human and Consumer Sciences
Major: Apparel, Textiles, and Mechandising

Dr. Ann Paulins

Oklahoma State University
Design, Housing, and Merchandising


Dr. Semra Peksoz


Oregon State University
School of Design and Human Environment
PH.D., M.S., M.A.

Dr. Hsiou-Lien Chen

San Francisco State University
Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics

Apparel Design & Merchandising
Dr. Nancy Rabolt
South Dakota State University
Consumer Sciences

Human Sciences-Merchandising Specialization
Graduate Certificate- Merchandising

Dr. Jane Hegland

Texas State University
School of Family and Consumer Studies

Merchandising and Consumer Studies
Dr. Pauline Sullivan

Texas Tech University
Hospitality and Retail Management

M.S., Hospitality & Retail Management
Ph.D., Hospitality Management w/Emphasis in Retail Management

Dr. Deborah Fowler, M.S.

Dr. Betty Stout, Ph.D.

Texas Tech University
Fibers and Biopolymers 

Online Graduate Certificate

Dr. Katie Leigh Meeks

University of Delaware
Fashion and Apparel Studies

M.S. in Fashion and Apparel Studies
Graduate Certificate in Socially Responsiblew and Sustainable Apparel Business

Belinda T. Orzada, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director

University of Georgia
Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors

M.S., Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors
Ph.D., Textile Sciences
Ph.D., Emphasis in International Merchandising
Dr. Yoo-Kyoung Seock
University of Kentucky
Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles
 M.S.  Dr. Kimberly Miller-Spillman
  University of Missouri
Textile and Apparel Management


Dr. Jung Ha-Brookshire

University of Minnesota
  Design, Housing and Apparel


Dr. Marilyn Delong
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies
Dr. Nancy Hodges
University of North Texas
College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism
M.S. in Merchandising
Graduate Certificate in Merchandising
MBA/MS in Merchandising

Dr. Lisa Kennon

University of Rhode Island
Textiles, Fashion, Merchandising, & Design
M.S. Dr. Linda Welters

University of Wyoming
Family and Consumer Sciences

M.S. Dr. Bruce A. Cameron
Washington State University
Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles
M.S. Dr. Linda Bradley
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