Call for Proposals – ITAA Annual Conference
Live and Mounted Design Exhibitions
Submission Deadline – June 1
ITAA design scholars are invited to submit proposals to present original design work at the ITAA annual conference, during the Live and Mounted Design Exhibitions. Work must have been executed within the last 3 years and not previously shown at an ITAA Annual Conference. Work must be constructed by the designer(s), and must be completed at time of submission.  Undergraduate students must be ITAA members to submit design entries, but are allowed one free submission with their annual membership.  Undergraduate student member submissions must have a faculty sponsor.   The sponsor must be an ITAA active, reserve, or emeritus member, and one individual can sponsor up to six entries. It is the responsibility of the ITAA sponsor to screen the entries for quality, completeness, and accuracy and to be actively involved in the submission process.  The sponsor will retrieve the design work at the conference if the student does not attend.   All design work presented at the annual conference will be included in the online ITAA Proceedings.  Up to 3 entries per designer or co-designer in any combination of categories may be submitted. A designer whose work is accepted, or the sponsor, must attend the ITAA Annual Conference and register for the conference by September 15, allowing the conference organizing committee adequate time to prepare the Conference Program.
The purpose of the ITAA Design Exhibition is to provide an arena for design work to be juried and shown as a form of scholarship. Graduate, undergraduate, and professional designs will be juried as separate categories. If more than one person contributes to a design, the creators will be designated as co-designers.  If a faculty member is listed as a co-designer on a student entry, the entry will be reviewed at the “Professional Level”. The ITAA Design Exhibition includes a live gallery (static or runway) and a mounted exhibit.
Categories for Review
Hawaiian Inspired Design - Special Category for 2012 Annual Conference Only - Given the location of 2012 Annual Conference in Hawai'i, you are invited to celebrate the dress of Hawai'i with a Hawaiian or Hawaiian-inspired design competition.  Judging will be by a panel of experts of Hawaiian dress and designers in Hawai'i.  A winner of this category will receive a special certificate.  Formats include:
HILG - Hawaiian Inspired Live Gallery
HIME - Hawaiian Inspired Mounted Exhibit
Fiber Art – Textile, apparel, or accessory items with emphasis on aesthetics and the use of materials, surface design techniques, and/or couture construction. This category can include apparel or non-wearable two- or three-dimensional designs. If a garment’s stated priority is the surface design or weave structure, a commercial pattern or pattern from another source may be used. The pattern source must be identified. Formats include:
            FALG – Fiber Art Live Gallery
            FAME – Fiber Art Mounted Exhibit  
Target Market – Garment constructed by the designer from an original pattern, with emphasis on materials, aesthetics, garment structure, and wearability. This category includes designs targeted toward a specific consumer, market group, or function. Formats include:
            TMLG – Target Market Live Gallery
            TMME – Target Market Mounted Exhibit
Detailed instructions for preparation of materials and online submission are posted separately on the ITAA Website.
Review Process: Each submission will be reviewed by a double-blind jury of your peers. The jury will view the Abstract and Images submission only and evaluate each entry based on: (1) Statement of purpose; (2) Implementation of purpose or process; (3) Aesthetics and visual impact; (4) Quality oftechnique and execution; and (5) Innovation of design. Acceptance or rejection for the ITAA Design Exhibition will be based on the jury’s scores. The Proceedings file will be used for inclusion in ITAA Proceedings if your design is accepted.
An on-site review by a set of judges based on physical inspection and submitted abstract of each submission will determine award recipients. Entries may be disqualified at any level of the review process. Entries may be disqualified if a design is not delivered on time or by the carrier stipulated in the acceptance email with the appropriate return postage. Designs may also be disqualified if the submitter (or the submitter’s sponsor) has not registered for conference on or before September 15. If the overall construction is judged to be poor during the on-site review, or if an apparel design is not easily donned or doffed, the entry may be disqualified. The minimum openings in non-stretchable fabrics are: neckline 22”; waistline 28”; hipline 37”; and pant hem circumference 12”. Knee-length or longer slim-fit skirts must have a vent, slit, or flare to allow adequate runway walking ease. Side-seam zippers in bodices must open completely at the arms eye to allow garments to fit over dress forms that do not compress. An image of the garment as it is worn is to be included with all accepted pieces. Detailed directions for donning and doffing non-standard garments also should be provided. Submitters are responsible for all customs fees and charges. 
Follow Up: Entrants and their sponsors, if applicable, will be notified via email of the outcome of the jury review, and designers of accepted entries will be emailed guidelines for the delivery of their original images for the exhibition catalog and piece(s) to the annual meeting site where awards will be determined. Sponsors must be able to deliver and retrieve sponsored designs. Items selected for both the Mounted and Live Exhibit will need to be delivered or shipped to the exhibit site and items for the Mounted Exhibit must remain until the exhibit closes at the end of the conference.
Non-Liability: Reasonable care will be taken in handling and displaying accepted items. Neither ITAA nor the facility hosting the exhibit assumes responsibility for loss, liability, or damages incurred before, during or after the ITAA Design Exhibition.
Questions?:  for Nancy Rutherford, Executive Director of ITAA
               for Ginger Woodard, VP for Scholarship