2018 Accreditation and Membership Fees

The Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission (TAPAC) has set the following fees for the 2018 calendar year[1]:

Accreditation Fees:

Eligibility Application Fee: $1,500, non-refundable, due with Application for Accreditation form.

Self-Study Administrative Fee:  $3,000, non-refundable, due with Self-Study report.

Accreditation Team Visit Expenses: 

-        The program pays $1,000 per site visit reviewer to cover airfare and all other travel expenses (parking, shuttle, tolls, etc.) of the accreditation review team. Due with the Self-Study Administrative fee.

-        The program is responsible for all expenses when the review team arrives, including but not limited to transportation, lodging, meals (wheels down and wheels up).

-        Accreditation site visit reviewers receive no honorarium for serving on the review team. 

Membership Fees:

Accredited Programs Annual Fee: $1,500, due with Annual Updates form.

Affiliate Progam Member Annual Fee: $500.00, due January 1.


[1] TAPAC Board of Commissioners may change fees to maintain fiscal responsibility. Please check for updated fees with the TAPAC Executive Director.