To:      Executive Director, Textile and Apparel Program Accreditation Commission           

To the best of my knowledge, this program complies with the Eligibility Requirements and Standards of Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission and applies for:

*    Initial accreditation_________

*    Reaffirmation of accreditation________

Enclosed is a confirmation of $1,500.00 payment for a nonrefundable application fee.


1.     Name of institution: ______________________________________________

2.     Name of department: ________________________________________

3.     Name of program: ________________________________________________

 Program contact information:

                        Address/City/State/Zip: __________________________________ 


                        Phone: _________________Fax:  __________________________

                        Email: _______________________________________________

                        Website Address: ______________________________________

4.     Date institution was authorized or chartered:

5.     Date institution enrolled first students in the program:

6.     Date institution awarded the first degree for graduates of the program:

7.     Type of control: (Check appropriate category)

                        Public                                                  Private

                        State                                                    Proprietary

                        County                                                Independent nonprofit


                        Other (Specify) ______                      Other (Specify) ______

8.     By which regional or national accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education is the institution legally authorized to provide a program of education beyond high school?__________________________________________________________________________

9.     What baccalaureate degree(s) is the institution authorized to grant to graduates of the program listed above?_____________________________________________________________________________

10.  What is the date of the most recent authorization/reauthorization?  __________________________

11.  Number of instructional (semester) hours required in the degree:______________________

12.  Number of hours required by the state for a baccalaureate degree, if any:________________

13.  Maximum number of students enrolled in the program at IPEDS Census date:___________

      Maximum number of students enrolled in the institution at IPEDS Census date:_________

14.  Total number of students graduating from the program each year over the past three years:

                        20____            Number:

                        20____            Number:

                        20____            Number: 

15.  Number of textile, apparel and related majors and/concentrations in the program. Please list all:


16.  Number of program faculty:  full-time________; part–time_______ ; Total FTE_____

17.  Number of program faculty with masters degree or higher: ______ 

18.  Name and title of the chief administrative officer of the institution: 

19.  Name and title of the chief academic officer of the institution:


20.  Name and title of the program coordinator:


21.  Include link(s) to the program’s web site, including program description, its mission and objectives/goals, program competencies, and related activities, policies, and procedures.


The signatures below indicate that the program will not make any promotional use of the application for accreditation before the TAPAC grants accredited status to the program. 

Program Coordinator Name:




School Official Name:                                           Title:









DATE OF VISIT_________