TAPAC Accreditation Reviewers

Would you like to serve the profession of apparel and textiles AND travel to learn how other programs in the field function?   We need textile and apparel educators who can serve as Accreditation Reviewers to visit and evaluate the programs under review. 

We are in special need of educators who have experience serving as external reviewers for accreditations or academic program reviews.  If you have had experience preparing self-studies and program showcases for program reviews, you would also be a strong candidate to become an Accreditation Reviewer.  If you have administrative or program coordination experience, if you are currently an active or a retired faculty—please volunteer to serve as an Accreditation Reviewer.   (See Application for TAPAC Accreditation Reviewer; http://itaaonline.org/mpage/TAPAC12 ).

Accreditation Review team members will be selected  based upon criteria including, but not limited to, the following:  relation of candidate expertise to program being reviewed, experience with accreditation and/or program reviews, availability during time period for site visit, and lack of conflict of interest.  An orientation will be provided to new Accreditation Review team members prior to the Accreditation Review Site Visit.