2008 Proceedings Social Psychology
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Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social-Psychology  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2008 Social Psychology

Allyn, L., & Kim, E., (2008). Self-concept of Early Adolescent Females related to Age-ambiguous and Sexualized Clothing Styles

Dixon, D. & Belleau, B., (2008). Exploring the Influence of External and Internal Values on Dress and Appearance of African American College Students

Draa, V., (2008). Do School Uniforms Make a Difference?

Eynon, H., Anderson, J. & Kim, H., (2008). Gender Neutral Perceptions of Social Cues in the Store Environment

Freeburg, B. & Workman, J., (2008). Teacher Dress Codes and the Semantic Environment of the School

Ha, Y. & Lennon, S., (2008). Effects of Website Atmospheric Stimuli on Pleasure and Perceived Risk: Role of Atmospheric Responsiveness

Halepete, J. & Chattaraman, V., (2008). Apparel Preferences and Perceptions of International Apparel Brands among Indian Women in IT: An Exploratory Study

Kandiah, J., Saiki, D. & Jones, J., (2008). Development of an Instrument to Assess the Effect of Stress on Dressing and Eating Behaviors of Females

Kim, J. & Johnson K., (2008). Wardrobe analysis: What I love and What I wear

Linga, S. & Burns, L., (2008). Influence of Perceived Social Support on Body Image Appraisal among Young Women

McLeod, H. & Deeds, J., (2008). How Does Age Effect College Students’ Perceptions of Appropriate Dress?

Robertson, L., Apple, L., Moore, C. & Fitch-Hilgenberg, M., (2008). The Relationship of Body Image, Body Shape and Body Mass Index (BMI) for Young Adult Females

Workman, J., (2008). Gender, Fashion Consumer Group, and Need for Touch

Yamanaka, H., (2008). Self-actualization Activities through Dressing Behavior



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