Membership Categories
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ITAA Membership Categories

ITAA's membership year is January 1 - December 31.  Dues are not prorated. 


Professional: Individuals with an advanced degree in textiles and apparel or a related discipline, employed at a college or university, and involved in education, scholarship, or outreach. Active members may have links on the ITAA website to their department web pages and may have links to their departments' online courses in textiles, apparel and merchandising.   (Dues: $150/year; $135 for renewals before January 31)

A professional member shall meet the following criteria: 

  1. A bachelor’s and/or advanced degree from an accredited college or university with a specialization in textiles and clothing or a   discipline (e.g., sociology) related to textiles and clothing.
  2. A current or former appointment in resident instruction and/or research and/or administration and/or extension as a state specialist in textiles and/or clothing in an accredited college or university.
  3. If criteria #1 and #2 above are not met, a person interested in strengthening and expanding education and research in the field of textiles and clothing may be considered for membership by the membership committee.

Emeritus: Individuals who are retired and have a minimum of seven years of ITAA membership in the Professional category.  (Dues: $130/year; $115 for renewals before January 31)

Graduate Student: Individuals who are full-time, in-residence graduate students at an accredited college or university, enrolled in a textile, apparel, merchandising, or related program and not eligible for Active membership. Graduate student status must be verified by proof of current school enrollment. (Dues: $60/year; $55 for renewals before January 31)

Undergraduate Student: Individuals who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or university, or post-secondary design school.  (Dues: $35/year; $30 for renewals before January 31)

Corporate: May be any corporation, industrial organization, institution, or business with a direct interest in strengthening and expanding education and research in the field of textiles, apparel, and merchandising. Corporate members shall designate one individual eligible to attend annual conferences, workshops, or events at member rates and receive one copy of the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, the ITAA Newsletter and have access to literature search capacities of those and the online ITAA Proceedings. Corporate members may establish links to their web pages on the ITAA website.  (Dues: $500/year; $450 for renewals before January 31)

Honorary Member: An Honorary member shall be a non-ITAA member or an Associate member whom ITAA desires to honor for significant contributions to the field of textiles and clothing. Honorary memberships are awarded in accordance with the criteria and procedures established by the Executive Council.

Legacy Group: The Legacy Group consists of past presidents & ITAA Fellows. This group of ITAA leaders is charged with serving as a spring board for proposing new ideas related to the organization. The current counselor serves as the organizer.

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