2007 Proceedings Consumer Behavior
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

 2007 Consumer Behavior

Atkinks, K.G., & Kim, Y-K. (2007). Conceptual Development of the “Smart Shopping” Construct

Bennur, S., & Swinney, J. (2007). Price Threshold and Quality Perception of Denim Jeans

Blalock, E.C., Hathcote, J., Hunt-Hurst, P., & Kim, S. (2007). African American College Students’ Perceptions of Professional Dress

Blaylock, K., Pate, S., Southward, L., & Lemons, J. (2007). The Influence of Student Percieved University Dress in Southeastern and Southwestern Universities’ Setting

Burnett, S.E., & Kim, M. (2007). Internal and External Trigger Cues of Impulse Buying Online

Byun, S-E., & Sternquist, B. (2007). The Effect of In-Store Hoarding on Shopping Hedonism

Cha, S., & Kim, M. (2007). The Effect of My Virtual Model on Consumer Response of Online Apparel Shopping

Choi, D-Y., Kim, C-M., Jung, J-H., & Lee, M. (2007). Effects of Counterfeits on the Evaluation of Luxury Fashion Brand

Choo, H.J., Hong, K.H., & Moon, H-K. (2007). Explaining Clothing Spending of Korean New-Aged Elderly: The Role of Fashion Innovativeness and Materialism

Cho, J.E. (2007). Overestimation and Underestimation of Frequency Reports

Cuneo, H., & Kim, J. (2007). An Exploratory Study of Online Impulse Buying Behavior: Customer Satisfaction, Product Returns, and Purchase Regrets

Dai, B., & Forsythe, S. (2007). Impact of Online Shopping Experience on Risk Perceptions and Purchase Intention: The Moderating Role of Product Category and Gender

Davis, L.Y., & Slick, S.L. (2007). Getting Larger: Exploring Plus-Size Female Consumers’ Needs for Apparel

Fiore, A.M. (2007). An Integrative Framework Capturing Experiential and Utilitarian Shopping Experience

Fiore, A.M. (2007). The Digital Consumer: Valuable Partner for Product Development and Production

Forney, J.C., Kinley, T., & Kim, Y-K. (2007). Predictors of First-Time and Repeat Tourist Shoppers Satisfaction

Gam, H.J., Farr, C., & Cao, H. (2007). An Investigation of Mothers’ Acceptance of Children’s Organic Cotton Clothing

Gibson, F.Y., & Kincade, D.H. (2007). Exploring the Many Facets of Consumer-Centric Merchandising across the Curriculum

Ha-Brookshire, J.E., & Nelson Hodges, N.J. (2007). Input is Always Greater than Output: Comparing Consumers’ Clothing Acquisition and Disposal Experiences

Ha, S., & Stoel, L. (2007). Drivers of Apparel E-Shopping Behavior: Understanding the Effects of E-Shopping Quality and Experiential E-Shopping Motives

Ha, Y., & Lennon, S.J. (2007). The Influence of Online Atmospheric Cues: Pleasure, Perceived Risk, and Patronage Intention

(2007). How Does Multi-Channel Retail Environment Enhance Customer Shopping Experience?

Hwang, J., Im, H., & Ha, Y. (2007). Interactivity and eWord-of-Mouth in Online Apparel Websites

Jeon, S., & Kim, H-J. (2007). Taiwanese College Student’s Brand Decision-Making Process toward U.S. Apparel Brand

Jin, B., & Kang, J.H. (2007). Face of Subjective Norm? Chinese College Students’ Purchase Behaviors Toward Foreign Jeans

Jones, C.L., & Kim, S. (2007). Multi-Channel Buyer Behavior: A Revised Model for Apparel Shoppers

Kang, J.H., & Jin, B. (2007). Chinese Consumers’ Purchase Decisions on Foreign Apparel Products: A Framework Based on Cognitive Appraisal Theory

Kim, J-H., Kim, M., & Kandampully, J. (2007). A Consumer Perspective of Buying Environment Characteristics in the Context of E-services

Kim, J-H., & Bickle, M. (2007). Baby Boomers’ Perceptions of E-service Quality in Online Apparel Shopping

Kim, H-J., & Karpova, E. (2007). Consumer Attitudes towards Fashion Counterfeits: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior

Kim, J., & Lennon, S.J. (2007). Does Familiarity Lead to Purchase?: Effects of Website Familiarity and Website Quality on Perceived Risk and Purchase Intention

Kim, J-H. & Lennon, S.J. (2007). Effects of Music and Amount of Information on Consumer Shopping Behavior under Low Involvement

Kim, E.Y. (2007). The Effect of e-Service Quality on e-Satisfaction: Importance of e-Loyalty to Apparel Etailers

Kim, H-Y., Kim, J., & Park, J. (2007). The Effect of Offline Brand Trust on Online Shopping in a Integrated Multi-Channel Context

Kim, J-E., Cho, H.J., & Johnson, K.P. (2007). The Role of Shame and Guilt on Consumer’s Decision Making Concerning Illicit Products

Kim, J., & Forsythe, S. (2007). Understanding shoppers’ Perceptions of Product Visualization Technologies for Online Apparel Shopping

Kinley, T.R., & Roberts, E.W. (2007). Idea Sources for Apparel Purchase Decisions of American Generation Y Consumers

Ko, E., & Hao, Z. (2007). A Profile of Sportswear Consumers: Comparison between Korean and Chinese Consumers

Ko, S.B., Salusso, C.J., & Hwang, C.S. (2007). Korean young consumers’ Perceptions of Risk through Internet Apparel Shopping

Kwon, H-J., & Jackson, V.P. (2007). Group Identity, Product Attribute and Cultural Differences as Predictors of Apparel Gift Choices among Korean and American consumers

Lee, E-O., & Lee, S-H. (2007). An Empirical Examination of Internet Shoppers’ Attitudes Toward T-Commerce as a New Fashion Shopping Channel

Lee, S-H., & Workman, J.E. (2007). Attitudes Toward Counterfeit Products Among University Students in Korea and U.S.

Lee, M-Y., & Kim, Y-K. (2007). Bidding as a Shopping Experience: The impact of consumer characteristics on shopping values in online auction influencing consumer preference and intentions

Lee, E-J., & Rhee, E-Y. (2007). Conceptual framework of Fashion Brand Personality (FBP) based on Consumers’ perception: a case of men’s fashion category in South Korea

Lee, S., & Johnson, K.P. (2007). Consumer Perceptions of High-end Denim Jeans

Lee, M. (2007). Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Fashion Counterfeits: Focusing on Comparisons by Gender and Age Groups

Lee, Y-J., & Lee, J. (2007). Korean-American Consumers’ Cultural Consumption and Shopping Behavior

Lee, H-Y., Rhee, E-Y. (2007). Marketing Communication Effects of Fashion Brands in Consumers’ Purchase Decision Making Process

Lee, M.S., Niehm, L. (2007). Rural and Small Town Customers’ Perceptions Regarding Local Retailers: Does Perceived Business Image Influence Local Shopping Behavior and Satisfaction

Lennon, S.J., & Johnson, K.P. (2007). Black Friday: Shopping on the Dark Side

Lewis, T., & Loker, S. (2007). Customization, Visualization, Enjoyment and Utility: Consumer Preferences for Existing Apparel Industry Technology

Lim, C.M., Yu, N., Kim, Y-K., & Forney, J. (2007). Chinese Consumers’ perceptions toward U.S. and Local Brands: Consumer Segmentation and Profile Analysis

Lin, C., & Seock, Y-K. (2007). An Analysis of Self-Concept, Store Image and Store Patronage Behavior from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Niehm, L.S., Fiore, A.M., Jeong, M., & Kim, H-J. (2007). Consumer Awareness and Perceptions of Pop-Up Retail: Response to a New Experiential Marketing Format

Norum, P.S. (2007). Online Buying Behavior Among College Students

Park, N., & Park, J-O. (2007). Benefits and Evaluation Criteria Related to Consumers’ Preferred Brand Type: Focused on Jeans Products

Park, H., & Kim, J. (2007). Exploratory Study of College-Licensed Apparel Purchase Behavior: Comparison of the U.S. and Korean College Students

Park, H-H., Sullivan, P., & Ku, Y-S., (2007). Factors Influencing Apparel Brand Repurchase Intentions

Park, E.J., Kang, E.M., & Forney, J.C. (2007). Predicting Older Consumers’ Satisfaction with Apparel Stores in Korea

Park, M., & Lennon, S.J. (2007). The Impact of Haptic Information on Consumer Responses in Catalog and Online Shopping

Rabolt, N.J., Ramos, J., Scardina, C., & Snodgrass, C. (2007). Consumer Attitudes towards Digital Manipulation in Fashion Magazines

Retief, A., & de Klerk, H.M. (2007). The development of an online guide for the assessment of apparel textile quality

Rhee, Y-J., & Chen-Yu, J.H. (2007). Apparel Involvement and Online Apparel Impulse Buying Behavior

Rhee, J. & Johnson, K.P. (2007). Investigating Relationships between Branded Apparel and Identity with Adolescents

Seock, Y-K. & Sauls, N. (2007). Hispanic Consumers’ Shopping Orientation and Apparel Retail Store Selection Criteria: An Analysis of Age and Gender Differences

Shin, K. & Burns, L.D. (2007). Factors Influencing Source Credibility of Consumer Reviews: Apparel Online Shopping

Shouli, R., & Nelson Hodges, N. (2007). Exploring the Decision Making Process of Men's Underwear Consumers

Stickel, T. L., Yoo, J-J., Jacob, J. (2007). Personal care product use and peer influence among adolescents

Watchravesringkan, K., Yurchisin, J., & Yan, R. (2007). Cross-cultural Comparison of Price Perception between Canadian and Taiwanese Consumers: A Multi-group Analysis Approach

Watchravesringkan, K., & Kim, Y-H. (2007). Predicting Consumers’ Adoption of Highly Technological Fashion Products

Xu, Y. (2007). Shopping Therapy? Compulsive Buying, Materialism, and Public Self-consciousness

Yang, C-C. (2007). College Students Perceptions of Apparel Online Shopping: A Case from Taiwan

Yang, S., & Park, J. (2007). Consumer Complaining Behavior for Online Apparel Purchase: A Justice Dimension approach

Yoon, M., & Xiao, G. (2007). An Experimental Study of Consumers’ Attitudes Toward the Web: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Cultural Values and Online Consumer Behavior

Yoon, N., & Lee, S-E. (2007). Brand Attitude and Clothing Purchasing Behavior Related to Brand Loyalty in Fashion Products

Yoo, J-J., MacDonald, N.M. (2007). Reflection of Consumer Identify: Project Shopping Bag

Yoo, J., & Kim, M. (2007). The Effect of Brand Image Consistency on Consumer Responses

Youn, S-Y., & Lee, K-H. (2007). Effects of Acculturation on International Students’ Self-Identity and Clothing Behavior

Yu, U-J., & Karpova, E. (2007). The Impact of Body Image on Purchase Intention in Online Apparel Shopping


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