2007 Proceedings Design and Aesthetics
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design and Aesthetics track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

 2007 Design and Aesthetics

Adams, M.K., & Meyer, S.S. (2007). Difficulty in defining and evaluating creative scholarship as part of the tenure and promotion process

Ahn, K-H., Swinney, J., Maxwell, E., & Quevedo, V. (2007). An Interdisciplinary Student Exhibition with Reusable Cost-and-Space Effective Design System

An, S.K., Salusso, C.J., Cho, K (2007). Designing apparel: convergence of natural dyeing with the traditional Korean aesthetic of Hanbok

Ashdown, S., Mukherjee, S., Loker, S., Baytor, F., & Lyman-Clarke, L. (2007). Consumer Judgment of Virtual Fit in an Online Environment

Bye, E., & McKinney, E. (2007). Fit Analysis Using Live and Electronic Stimuli

Bye, E., LaBat, K., McKinney, E., & Kim, D-E. (2007). Optimized Pattern Grading

Byun, M-Y., Lee, I.S. (2009). A Study on the Fashion Design Development for Han Brand

Carrico, M. (2007). Smocking, tucking, pleating, shirring and more! Traditional and innovative methods of manipulating fabric for use in textile product designs

Chae, M-H., & Schofield-Tomschin, S. (2007). The Development of a Conceptual Framework for Perceived Importance of FEAR Needs on Attitudes Toward Snowboarding Helmet Use

Chang, E., Lee, H-H. (2007). The Effects of Individual Characteristics on Perceptions of Counterfeit Fashion Goods

Choi, Y.L., Nam, Y., & Kang, M.H. (2007). Development of Sizing System and Grading Rule for Women’s Ready-to-wear Using Percentile Rank

Chung, S.H., Lee, S.J., & Ahn, I.S. (2007). Universal Fashion Design Aesthetics to Accommodate Disabilities

Ellinwood, J.G. (2007). Using Colored Pencil to Enhance Fashions Rendered in Marker

Holland, N., Black, C., Cloud, R. (2007). Adolescent Soccer Uniforms: Functional and Aesthetic Needs

Hylton, R., & Kim, J. (2007). An Exploratory Study on Fit Issues of Maternity Apparel

Kim, D-E., & LaBat, K. (2007). Comparison Study of Female Bodice Pattern Drafting Methods

Lee, Y.J., Chung, S-H. (2007). The Study of Virtual Fabric Coordination and Customization of Elderly Fashion Products Based on the Internet Shopping Mall

Lewis, V.D. (2007). Edgy Fashion Graphics: An Improved Fashion Illustration Course

Mason, A.M., de Klerk, H.M., Ashdown, S.P., Sommerville, J. (2007). Consumers’ Knowledge on Sizing Issues: A Solution to Successful Apparel Selection in Developing Countries

McRoberts, L.B., & Black, C. (2007). The Importance of Industry Techniques in the Classroom: Vera Wang Example – Corsetry

Mete, F. (2007). Fostering Creativity in Apparel Design by Developing Mood and Work Boards

Miller, P.B. (2007). Using Generic CAD Software to Design Shibori, Silk Screens, Embroidery, and Other Surface Embellishments

Minard, J., Boorady, L.M., & Wilson, L. (2007). Junior Sizing: It’s not about How Old you Are!

Murray, B. (2007). Inspiration and creativity: Theme boards in the apparel design process

Nam, J., Kurnphai, P., Branson, D.H., & Peksoz, S. (2007). Focus Group: Soldier Input for Armor Design

Orhn-McDaniel, L. & Leslie, C.A. (2007). Lack of


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