2007 Proceedings Textile and Apparel Industry
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Textile and Apparel Industry track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2007 Textile and Apparel Industry

Barnes, W.D., & Kozar, J. (2007). Marking motherhood: Sweatshop discrimination against pregnant female workers in China, Nicaragua, and the Phillipenes

Chi, T., Kilduff, P., Lim, F., & He, L. (2007). An Empirical Analysis of Trade Competitiveness of the US Technical Textiles utilizing a Gravity Model Framework

Dickson, M.A., & Kovaleski, K. (2007). Implementing Labor Compliance in the Apparel Industry

Eckman, M., Hyllegard, K.H., Sakarya, S., Gomez Borja, M.A., & Descals, A.M. (2007). Is standardization a viable strategy for international apparel specialty retailing?: An examination of Spanish, Turkish, and U.S. consumers’ behaviors and perceptions

Ha-Brookshire, J.E., & Dyer, B. (2007). An Analysis of U.S. Apparel Import Intermediaries’ Performance in the Hyper-dynamic Global Market Environment

Hodges, N.N., & Lentz. H.(2007). Women and textile sector unemployment: A qualitative exploration of displaced workers’ experiences

Jin, B., Swinney, J., Cao, H., Muske, G., Nam, J., & Kang, J.H. (2007). Doing Business with China: Curriculum Internationalization through Infusion Method

Jones, M.R. (2007). Using the Z-Score Predictor of Bankruptcies to Analyze the US Textile and Apparel Industry

Regan, C., & Chi, T. (2007). Developing a strategic advantage for California cotton

Ruppert-Stroescu, M. (2007). Current Issues in the Global Fashion Industry

Varukolu, V., & Park, H. (2007). Technology Adoption by Indian Clothing Manufacturers



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