2007 Proceedings Teaching
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Teaching track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


2007 Teaching

Adomaitis, A.D. (2007). Fashion Magic: Use of Market for Professional Development

Adomaitis, A.D. (2007). Fashion Texts and Reading Levels

Boorady, L.M. (2007). Teaching Multicultural Awareness Through Fit and Design Practices

Ellinwood, J.G. (2007). Launching Showcase, a Campus Fashion Magazine

Elsasser, V.H. (2007). Extreme Project Runway- Engaging Students in the Creative Process

Embry, M. (2007). Fair Trade and Service-Learning: The Case of a Symbiotic Relationship Used to Institute a SIFE Program

Gitimu, P.N. (2007). Instruction Enhancement: The Leaner-Initiated Instruction Strategy (LIIS)

Joshi, P., Kwon, H.J., & Bhavsar, V. (2007). Blog: A tool for creating and effective e-portfolio for merchandising careers

Kim, J. (2007). Adopting Service Learning Approach for Fashion Advertisement Project

Kim, H-Y., & Jolly, L. (2007). Teaching Customer Retention Strategy: Using a Wiki as a Pedagogical Vehicle

Kim, M., Lennon, S.J., & Rudd, N.A. (2007). Ripped from the Headlines: Demonstrating that Textiles and Apparel Subject Matter is Relevant in the Workplace and the Retail Environment

Kincade, D.H., & Gibson, F.Y. (2007). Teaching Merchandising Students to Think like a Buyer

King, J.E., & Evenson, J. (2007). First-Year-Experience Courses: Does it really matter?

Kozar, J.M., & Marcketti, S.B. (2007). Using the Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale to examine the psychological wellness of today’s undergraduate students

LaFrenz, L.A., & Knight, D.K. (2007). Charrette: A Problem-Based International, Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Team Learning Experience for Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Retailing Students

Lin, S.H. (2007). Production Data Management and Computer Applications

MacDonald, N.M., Yoo, J-J., Mendoza, H.R., & Bernasconi, C. (2007). Building Intersections in Design Education

Marshall, S.G. (2007). Developing a New York Study Tour

McRoberts, L.B., & Belleau, B.D. (2007). An Internship Experience Inside Vera Wang: What Students Need to Know to be Successful

Miller, N.J. (2007). Action-Oriented Activities Generating Evidence of Learning Merchandising via Case Study Analysis

Park, K. (2007). Developing a Career Training Program for Female Senior Students

Park, K. (2007). How to Plan a College Life: Developing a Course for Freshman Students

Paulins, V.A., & Matthews, J.D. (2007). Book Groups and Student Learning: An Exploratory Comparison of Audio and Written Formats

Perez, C.A. (2007). Using Peer Review and Quantitative Analysis to Cull a Line of Fashion Illustrations from One-Hundred to Twenty

Reamy, D.W. (2007). “Mind Maps- A Creative Approach to Learning and Teaching Fashion Merchandising”

Regni, R.J. (2007). Using knowledge based learning Simulations to teach Merchandising courses in the area of Fashion Retail Entrepreneurship

Rhee, J., & Daly, M.C. (2007). “Project Holiday”: An Academic and Industry Collaboration

Ricord, D. (2007). Bringing Industry into the Classroom

Rucker, M., Lennon, S., & Cassill, N. (2007). Development and Implementation of a Cross-university Internship Program; A Learning Experience for Us All

Sampson, P.B. (2007). Field Study Trips: Research With Digital Data Documentation

Walker, J., & Gibson, F. (2007). Preparing Students for Careers in Consumer-centric Companies that operate in the Global Textile and Apparel Industry

Wuest, B., & Hustvedt, G. (2007). TextileMania: Development and Implementation of an Interactive Media-Based Textiles Laboratory

Young, A., & Tibbs, E. (2007). Heritage Expo: An Opportunity for Community Outreach and Student Experiential Learning


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