2007 Proceedings Social Psychology
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2007 ITAA Proceedings #64

Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Social-Pscychological track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2007 Social Psychology

Brock, M.K., Connell, L.J., & Ulrich, P.V. (2007). Modeling Tween Girls’ and their Mothers’ Perceptions of Body Image Satisfaction

Chen-Yu, J., & Dillard, A. (2007). Influences of Reference Groups on Clothing Behavior: A Comparison Between Female Adolescents With Different Levels of Clothing Involvement

Chen, F-Y., & Kwon, K-N. (2007). We Want to be What We Watch: Media Exposure, Appearance Management, Ideal Self-Image, and Clothing Consumption

Chattaraman, V., Lennon, S.J., & Rudd, N.A. (2007). Enduring and Momentary Mechanisms of Social Identity Salience: Combinatorial Effects on Identity-Based Apparel Brand Choices of Hispanic Consumers

Cheek, W.K (2007). Longitudinal Study of College Campus Dress

Crutsinger, C.A., & Dotter, T-V. (2007). An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Superstition on the Dress Routine of Student Athletes

Crutsinger, C.,Marks, J., & Collister, A. (2007). Understanding Impression Formation and Impression Management within the Context of Social Networking Websites

Freeburg, B.W., & Workman, J.E. (2007). Issues Regarding Teacher Dress: A Framing Analysis of News Articles

Freson, T.S., & Arthur, L.B. (2007). Agonic and Hedonic Power: Men, Dress and Body Image

Jacob, J., & Yoo, J. (2007). Adolescent Body Satisfaction: Parents, Weight, and Group Difference in Sports and Sports Media Involvement

Johnson, T.W. (2007). A Reexamination of Characteristics Associated with Fashion Adoption Categories

Jones, A. & Park, H. (2007). Industry Responses to the Extreme Thinness of Fashion Models: Review and Analysis

Joung, H-M., & Miller, N.J. (2007). Life Satisfaction: Apparel Shopping and Appearance Management Activities in Female Older Adults

Jung, J., (2007). Sociocultural Influences on Body Image Concerns: A Cross-Cultural Study of Early Adolescent Boys

Kim, E., & Damhorst, M.L. (2007). Comparison of Fashions Adopted by Young Women in the United States and South Korea in the 1980s

Kim, H-Y., & Ma, Y.J. (2007). The Influence of Self-Concept on Decision Making Styles: A Cross Cultural Study of Young Consumers in Korea and the United States

Kwon, Y.J. & Damhorst, M.L. (2007). I Like, Therefore I Am: Taste as Embodiment of Self

Lee, H-H., Kim, J., & Fiore, A.M. (2007). Examining the Effect of Image Interactivity on Online Shopping Enjoyment, Perceived Risk, and Attitudes toward Online Retailer

Lee, J. (2007). Dressing the Self in Cyberspace

Lee, S., Ulrich, P.V., & Connell, L,J. (2007). A Comparison of Tween Girls and Their Mothers’ Perceptions of Girls’ Attractiveness Factors

Lee, S. (2007). Body Image and Body Satisfaction for Korean College Women

Lee, J., & Rabolt, N.J. (2007). Evaluative Criteria of Clothing Related to Body Esteem of Plus-Size Women

Lee, Y-A. (2007). Exploratory Correlation Analysis among Age Identity, Proximity of Clothing to Self, and Self-actualization for Older Persons

Lee, J., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2007). Factors Affecting Risky Appearance Management Behaviors

Lee, Y-A., & Cao, W. (2007). An Exploration of Potential Elderly Apparel Market in China

Lennon, S.J., & Rudd, N.A. (2007). Active Learning through Appearance in the News Presentations

Linga, S.R., & Kim, M. (2007). Relationship between Body Appearance Evaluation and Clothing Shopping Motivation

Lynch, A., Radina, M.E., Stalp, M.C.. (2007). An Investigation of Meaning Transfer from Product to Consumer: A Red Hat Society Case Study

Matheson, L., & Kaiser, S.B. (2007). Textile Fashions and Identities in Transitional China, 1570-1720

Miller, J. R., & Kim, S. (2007). The Role of Clothing and Appearance in Sorority Membership Selection

Park, J., & Lee, K.H. (2007). The Virtual Self: The Case of the Avatar

Pookulangara, S.A., Kaplan, B.K., & Meyer, H.K. (2007). “Thin is Out, Curvy is In”: Media Effects on the Evolving Body Image

Sotolongo, M., & Adomaitis, D. (2007). Adorning with the Cross

Trautmann, J., & Keist, C.N. (2007). The “Mad Hatters”: An Interpretive Analysis of Creativity and the Millinery Design Process for Kentucky Derby Horse Race Participants

Ulrich, P., Connell, L.J., & Simmons, K. (2007). Tween Boys’ Body Size and Body Satisfaction

University of California. (2007). Free Style: Interactive, Collaborative Fashion Research Programming

Wahlin, B.A., &Johnson, K.K.P (2007). An Examination of the Socialization and Consumption Messages sent to Teenage Girls Through CosmoGirl! Magazine

Yoo, J-J. (2007). Media Impact on Adolescents’ Risk-Evaluation and Use of Personal Care Products

Yoo, J-J. (2007). Relationship between Sociocultural Attitudes towards Appearance (SATA) and Quality of Appearance Management Behaviors among Adolescents

Yoo, J-J. & Johnson, K.K.P. (2007). Self-monitoring Theory and Experiences with Teasing

Youn, C., & Choo, H.J. (2007). A Regional Subculture Differences in Metro City of Seoul: Life Values versus Clothing Values

Yurchisin, J., & Whitenack, K. (2007). From Engagement to eBay: Why Brides Sell Their Wedding Gowns on eBay

Yu, H. (2007). Characteristics of Street Fashion and Cultural Values in Korea

Zhang, O., Kwon, W-S., Solomon, M.R., & Englis, B.G. (2007). Meanings of Male Looks: A Qualitative Approach








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