2005 Proceedings Design and Aesthetics
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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design an Aesthetics track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


Adams, M. & Meyer, S. (2005). Defining creative scholarship and identifying criteria for evaluating creative scholarship using a modified Delphi technique

Ahn, M-Y. & Park, J-O. (2005). A study on design development of men’s suits according to clothing image

Alexander, M & Connell, L. (2005). Evaluating Women’s Self-Report of Body Shape and Measurements

Ashdown, S., Macpike, R., & Choi, M. (2005). Interactive 3D Internet Site to Teach Apparel Draping, Patternmaking, and Fitting

Bae, J. & May-Plumlee, T. (2005). Creation Of Surface Design Merging Various Techniques

Brown, W. & Cloud, R. (2005). Development and Assessment of Self-Paced Online Instruction in Basic Apparel Construction

Chattaraman, V. & Rudd, N. (2005). Aesthetic Attribute Preferences in Clothing as a Function of Body Image, Body Cathexis, and Body Size

Chen, C-M. (2005). Fitting tests on block patterns developed by APDS-3D software

Chen, C. & Lewis, D. (2005). The Life of a Piece of Cloth: Developing Garments into a Sustainable Service System


Connell, L. J. & Ulrich, P. (2005). Evaluating Woman's Self-Report of Body Shape and Measurements.

Dragoo, S. (2005). Assessing Attitudes of Tomorrow’s Apparel Designers Regarding Selection Variables and Utilization of Natural Fibers

Dragoo, S. (2005)  Digital transformation - bringing the fashion design students' design portfolio into the electronic age

Elsasser, G. H. (2005). Creatifvity Project: Exploring New Resources for Apparel Design.

Ellinwood, J. (2005). An Unlikely Road to Fashion Inspiration: George Gershwin, the Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights and Generation Y

Ellinwood, J. (2005). The Design and Illustration of Preschool Apparel

Gitimu, P. & Workman, J. (2005). Strategies used to Accomplish a Spatial Task in Apparel Design

Haar, S. & Nguyen, K. (2005). Experimental Design with Shibori and Heat-Setting Techniques

Hahn, S. & Kim, Y. (2005). The Chronological Color analysis of Flower reflected on 20th century Fashion

Huff, R. & Sanders-Okine, E. (2005). Application of Chaos Theory to Wedding Dress Design

Istook, C. (2005). Initial Analysis of SizeUSA Data for Development of New Sizing Systems for the U.S. Female Population

Kapstein, C., LaBat, K., & Bye, E. (2005). From Old Assumptions to New Realities: Apparel Preferences of Professional Women over Age 60 in Urban Settings

Kim, S. & Jung, M-R. (2005). Evaluation of Maya Cloth as Virtual Clothes Modeling Software

Kim, H. & Sanchez, M. (2005). Apparel Mini-line Project: Integrating Product Development into Merchandising Program

Kim, J. & Kincade, D. (2005). Introductory Fashion Industry Course: Use of Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) for Line Development

Kinley, T. (2005). Variations in Internet Size Charts

Laffkas, A., Sindicich, D., Barker, J., & Black, C. (2005). Basic Adobe® Photoshop® for Fashion

Lee, Y-A. (2005). Preparing Students as Holistic Designers: Knowledge Integration in Apparel Design Studio Courses

Lyman-Clarke, L., Ashdown, S., Loker, S., Lewis, V., & Schoenfelder, K. (2005). A Comparison of Visual Analysis Rating Systems

May-Plumlee, T. & Kenkare, N. (2005). Model for Evaluating Quality of 3D Garment Drape Simulation

Magagula, N. & Zwane, P. (2005). Development of New Basic Blocks for Women with Disproportionate Figures

Mature Women, Professional (2005). From Old Assumptions to New Realities: Apparel Preferences of Professional Women over Age 60 in Urban Settings

McKinney, E., Bye, E., & Gomez, E. (2005). University of Creative Teaching Strategy: Using the Fit Analysis Worksheet for Enhanced Garment Prototype Evaluation among Fashion Design Students

Mullet, K. (2005). Teaching How Designers Think

Murray, B. (2005). Students’ Perceptions of the Creative Process in a Design Course

Newcomb, B. & Istook, C. (2005). Hispanic Women: Body Shapes and Sizing

Noh, J., Jung, M-R., & Kim, S. (2005). Editing Virtual Clothes in 3D Space for Fitting to Virtual Body

Park, S. & Simmons, K. (2005). The Relationship Between Fashion Leadership And Co-Design Options In Apparel Mass Customization

Perez, C. (2005). Fashion Design As Community Service

Perez, C. (2005). Pre-Test/Post-Test Study Design As An Evaluation Tool For Fashion Illustration Student Progress

Powell, N. & Black, S. (2005). Evaluation of Complete Garment and Seamless Weft Knitting Technologies from a Fashion and Design Perspective

Presley, A. (2005). Recycled Clothing: A Method of Teaching Seams and Stitches

Quevedo, V. (2005). Inclusion of Fashion Design in University Undergraduate Research Programs

Quevedo, V. (2005). The Seven Deadly Sins: A Personal Interpretation of Visual Cues for Contemporary Wearable Arts Design

Racine, A. (2005). Digital Textile Printing: Engineered Surface Pattern Designs

Rudd, N. & Chattaraman, V. (2005). Scenario-Based Apparel Product Development: Adapting the Creative Design Process Toward a Retail Brand Image

Sanders-Okine, E. (2005). Infusing the Jury Process throughout Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculums in Apparel Design Programs

Shin, S-j., Nam, Y-j., Choi, K-m., Park, S-m., & Han, H-s. (2005). A Study of Representative Type and Dress Form of Men's Lower Bodies in Forties by Using 3-Dimensional Scan Data

Stoessell, P. (2005). Research and Analysis for Color Forecasting

Stouffer, A. (2005). Student Digital transformation - bringing the fashion design students’ design portfolio into the electronic age

Ulasewicz, C. (2005). Extending the Product Lifecycle: Recreated/Recycled Apparel and Bedding Products


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