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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA. 

2005 Design Page 2

Carrico, M. (2005). Navajo piercing II

Carrico, M. (2005). The devil made me do it

Caskey, K. (2005). Azure Posies Baby Curve

Chae, M-H. (2005). Power of Royalty

Chae, M-H. (2005). Harmony

Chajin, F. (2005). Madre Tierra

Chang, Y-T. & Wang, Y. (2005). Chinese Opera Mask

Chang, J-y. (2005). Sunlight Breaking on the Surface of a Lake

Chang, S-Y. & Choi, M-S. (2005). Once upon a time, Polka dots on the Mermaid

Cho, K. & Pederson, M. (2005). Rhapsody of Red and Blue

Choi, M-S. (2005). Beautiful but Strong Message from Green Butterfly

Choi, W. (2005). Flower

Davis, E., Ulrich, P., & Connell, L. (2005). Chocolate Indulgence

DeGraeve, C. & Winge, T. (2005). Pink Rails- Skateboard Bag for Women

Dellario, E. & Lewis, V. (2005). American Pastoral: Rococo Burlesque

Diamond, M. & Racine, A. (2005). Neo-Flapper Fusion

Dilworth, J. (2005). Midsummer’s Eve

DiVerdi, J. (2005). Red Medusa

DiVerdi, J. (2005). Indigo for Ananda

DiVerdi, J. (2005). Kali’s Army

Dixon, E. & Lichtenstein, A. (2005). Asian Waves

Dragoo, S., Young, D., Murry, M., Buchanan, K., & Heitzinger, B. (2005). The Identity Coat - a second skin featuring second-generation stories

Dragoo, S. (2005). Muslim Swimwear - Meeting Demand with a Fresh Water Design Philosophy

Dunne, L., Ashdown, S., & Smyth, B. (2005). Impress Expressive Evening Gown

Dutton, K. (2005). Girlz n’ Pearlz

Eason, A. (2005). Scorned Goddess

Eason, A. (2005). Hidden Jewel

Eason, A. (2005). Phoenix

Egan, M. (2005). Victoria

Egan, M. (2005). Garnish

Egan, M. & Bryant, N. (2005). Morgan

French, S. (2005). Striped frock coat

Fuller, A. & Secor, L. (2005). Root of Desire

Galto, J. (2005). Innocent Pink Chocolate

Galto, J. (2005). Playful Suede

Galto, J. (2005). Seductive Black Bubble Gum

Garland, G. and May-Plumlee, T. (2005). Love Notes.

Gennace, J. (2005). Ianneci

Gennace, K. (2005). Eclectic Casualty

Green, D. & Racine, A. (2005). Smothered Moss and Fallen Leaves

Golden, S., Ashdown, S., & Lewis, V. (2005). Convertible Nomad: A Line of Clothes for Transients


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