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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Design Page 3

Gore, K. (2005). African Muse

Gore, K. (2005). Malinke

Gore, K. (2005). Mande

Gouin, A. (2005). Electric Nimbus

Gutman, H. & Racine, A. (2005). The Blue Meringue

Gutman, H. (2005). The Frosted Lemonesque

Guthrie, K. (2005). Red for a Reason

Haar, S. (2005). Faces

Hahn, S. (2005). La Robe Rouge

Hahn, S. (2005). Folklore

Hall, H. (2005). Aurora

Hamburg, E. & Lynch, A. (2005). Reverse Raincatcher: Umbrella Lolita

Hampton-Nixon, V. (2005). Rock Star Glamour

Hampton-Nixon, V. (2005). The Secret of a Butterfly.

Hampton-Nixon, V. (2005). Queen for a Day

Handschuch, A. (2005). Moon Glow

Hannel, S. (2005). Gifts of Silver and Gold

Harper, B. (2005). The Bohemian’s Deconstructed Quilt

Haynes, J. (2005). From Alligators to Butterflies

Haynes, J. (2005). Old Navy Pea Coat Steps Out for the Evening Hoffman, J. (2005). All Tied Up

Hoffman, J. (2005). Modern Marilyn

Helm, S., Ulrich, P., & Connel, L. (2005). Scandalous Secrets Slip through the Smiles of Socialites at the Soiree of the Season

Holm, S. (2005). Sunset silhouette

Holm, S. (2005). Dusk dress

Holm, S. (2005). Expanding horizon

Holm, A. (2005). Color in the Dark

Horn, C. (2005). San Chapel

Huff, R. (2005). Chaos Theory Wedding Dress

Huff, R. (2005). Flowers

Huff, R. (2005). Leaves

Huth, N. (2005). Japanese Peacock

Hylton, R. (2005). 24 K Gold.

Hylton, R. (2005). Stripes Etc.

Hyun, J. (2005). Genesis of Spring


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