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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Design Page 4

Infanger, J. (2005). Priestess

Infanger, J. (2005). The Great Hall at Karnak

Istook, C. (2005). Flower Girl Dress

Jennings, T. (2005). Shades of Chanel

Johnson, J. (2005). An Emerald Enchantment

Johnson, M. (2005). Boudoir Noir

Johnson, R. (2005). Cloche Call

Johnsrud, M. & Racine, A. (2005). An Elegant Ingenuity

Kahn, C. (2005). L’Argent

Kallal, M. (2005). Rough Draft vC.4

Kaylor, E. & Quesenberry, P. (2005). The Vi-Vee

Kesler-Simpson, S. (2005). Reflections of Erte

Kesler-Simpson, S. (2005). Cultural Intersection

Kesler-Simpson, S. (2005). Mediterranean Sunrise

Kim, D-E. (2005). Graceful Memory

Kim, E. (2005). The Meeting of the East and West V: Wedding Ensemble

Kim, E. (2005). Lady in a Flower Garden in India

Kim, K. (2005). Layered Elegance

Kim, S-J. (2005). Reverie

King, A. (2005). Seedtime and Harvest; a Grandmother of the Bride Outfit.

Kwon, Y. J. and Campbell, J. R. (2005). Multiple Channels of Information

Laberda, W. (2005). Pink tea

Laberda, W. (2005). Green tea

Laberda, W. (2005). White tea

LaFleur, R. (2005). Mixed Message Fantasy Dress

LaFleur, R. (2005). Olive Grove Morning Dress

Laliberte, L. (2005). Kool Aid Couture

Landt, E. (2005). Gunshy: Urban Farm Girl

Lee, M. (2005). Comtempo Bloom

Lee, S. (2005). Feminine Geometry

Lee, Y-Y. (2005). Nostalgia

Lee, Y-Y. (2005). Spring Days


Lee, Y-M. (2005). Designing Dresses by Utilizing the Butterfly


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