2009 Proceedings Professional
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66

Bellevue, WA, USA


Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Professional track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections Library and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Apple, L. M. and Smith, K. R. (2009). Developing a Required Study Tour Program for Apparel Curriculum.

Armstrong, C. M. and Brosdahl, D. J.C. (2009).  Surveying Knowledge, Attitudes, & Interest about Sustainability Among Apparel and Textiles Undergraduates.

Batra, M. Marcketti, S. B., and Ratute, A. (2009). Multimedia in the Textiles and Clothing Classroom: Student Perceptions and Intentions To Recommend the Course.

Chandler, K. and Williamson, D. L. (2009).  The Human Ecology Practicum: Explicating Program Theory.

Fiore, A., Niehm, L., Seeger, C., Hurst, J., Russell, D., Garasky, S., and Kadolph. S. (2009). Developing a Rural Renaissance Community Index: A Multi-Disciplinary Project with Research and Outreach Elements

Jennings, T. (2009). The Multitasking Porffolio.

 Johnson, R. R. (2009). Model for Graduate Fashion Design Final Exhibit.

Karpova, E., Marcketti, S. B. and Barker, J. (2009). Putting the Puzzle Together: Apparel Industry Perspectives on Creativity.

Lin. S. H. (2009). Dressing immobile person: A case study and video training

McCombie, S., Blood, J. A., and Hwang, E. J. (2009). A Survey of Secondary Fashion and Sewing Courses in Relation to Standards-Based Education

Norum, P., and Ha-Brookshire, J. (2009). Teaching across the curriculum: Creating an educational website for textile and apparel students

Rhee, J. (2009). Impact of the Order of Multiple Choice Tests on Students’ Performance

Smith, K., Southward, L., (2009). Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Su, J., Sinker, M., Blood. J. (2009).  Textiles and Clothing Higher Education in China: Openness and Reform as Dynamics for Development.

Traut, B. (2009). International Programming Links Design and Entrepreneurship for Students and Community.


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