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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Design Page 6

Öhrn, L. (2005). Thunder and Lightning

Öhrn, L. (2005). Papageno – Papagena

Orzada, B. (2005). Kevin’s Purple Hills Jacket

Orzada, B. (2005). Persian Wrap

Orzada, B. (2005). Blue Persian Wrap

Parsons, J. & Campbell, J. (2005). Transformation: Icarus II

Peksoz, S., Branson, D., Farr, C. (2005). QuadGard Body Armor

Perez, C. (2005). Cinderella Becomes a Princess

Perez, C. (2005). Prairie Roses

Perez, C. (2005). Twilight Memories

Plynton, A. (2005). Rainbow Parachuter

Posey, S., Connell, L., & Ulrich, P. (2005). Enchanted Fairy

Quevedo, V. (2005). Greed

Quevedo, V. (2005). An Okie Bride

Razulis, D., Choi, W., & Powell, N. (2005). “Unfolding Evolution” Exploration of Seamless Knitted Shibori

Reese, T. (2005). Air

Riggins, C. (2005). Applied Awareness

Riggins, C. (2005). Unleaded

Riggins, C. (2005). Poncho Pieced

Ruppert-Stroescu, M. (2005). Form and finesse: an evening coatdress that catches the eye from all sides with its unique combination of detail and shape.

Ruppert-Stroescu, M. (2005). Golden glory: from Edwardian-inspired splendor to 21st century chic in one ensemble

Ryan, K. & Winge, T. (2005). Illusion Pants

Ryan, K. (2005). Illusion Hooded Jacket

Sampson, P. B. (2005). Ode to Zapato

Sampson, P. B. (2005). Portland Rose

Sanders, N. Connell, L. J. and Ulrich, P. (2005).  Peacock Portrait

Sanders-Okine, E. (2005). Metalling with Fibers II

Sanders-Okine, E. (2005). Fractal Analysis

Sanders-Okine, E. (2005). Seaweed

Sanderson, A. & Black, C. (2005). The Zipper! Amusement Dress

Sankauskiene, K. and Keiser, S. (2005). Tropical Sunset

Schactler, C. (2005). Blue Danube

Schactler, C. (2005). Fringe Benefits


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