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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Design Page 7

Schaeffer, K. (2005). Approaching Sunset1

Schactler, C. (2005). Scheherazade

Schlaff, R. (2005).  Nature's Glory

Schofield-Tomschin, S. (2005). Neptune’s Bride

Schofield-Tomschin, S. (2005). The Soul’s Window

Schofield-Tomschin, S. (2005). Seduction

Searle, E. (2005). Dani

Siegler, L. & Kallal, M. (2005). Lopsided Lacing

Shah, M. (2005). Tornado Alley

Sjoquist, C. (2005). Windows of Wishes

Smith, B. & Lynch, A. (2005). Spam Ma’am

Smith, L. & Winge, T. (2005). Window of Innovation

Solis, B. (2005). Princesa Brasileira

Song, K. (2005). Ying and Yang

Sparks, D. (2005). Fortuny in Translation

Sparks, D., & Searle, L. (2005). Fortuny á la Rose

Sparks, D. (2005). Sonata for an Autumn Stream

Trout, B. (2005). Coat of Many Windows

Sterrett, J. (2005). Swan Lake

Sterrett, J. (2005). Captivating Copper

Trifan, R. (2005). Baroque Romance

Ta, K. (2005). From Bazaar to Sublime

Todo, T. & Ashdown, S. (2005). Smoky Elegance

Trout, B. (2005). Coat of Many Windows

Van Amber, R. (2005). Ombre

Van Amber, R. (2005). Stitched

Vance, E. (2005). Running Ribbons

Vermylen, K. & Kallal, J. (2005). Edwardian Chic

Walter, E. (2005). Modern Marilyn

Walter, E. (2005) All Tied Up

Wendt, N. (2005). Mitarf Original

Wendt, N. (2005). Seatbelt Violation

Widawski, S. (2005). Sunrise

Willich, C., Delbeau, H., & McPherson, L. (2005). Cloche

Willich, C., Delbeau, H., & McPherson, L. (2005). Fedora

Willich, C., Delbeau, H., & McPherson, L. (2005). Juliet

Winge, T. (2005). Power Puff Pink: Café Racer Grrls Ensemble

Woodring, A. (2005). Modern Folk Art

Woodring, A. (2005). Tribal

Wang, Y. (2005). Fashion acculturation/ culture integrated

Wang, Y. & Yang, H-Y. (2005). Pop News

Wang, Y., & Cheng, I-C. (2005). Infinite

Wannarka, M. (2005). Child’s Race Suit

Xiao, L. (2005). Life’s Like Opera

Yoo, S. & Won, H. (2005). Hand-quilted Korean Traditional Yut nori Plate

Yoo, J. C. (2005) The Collapsible

Younsoon, L. (2005). Wellbeing, Fun and Leisure

Younsoon, L. (2005). Tradition : Korean Image

Younsoon, L. (2005). Wellbeing +Fashion


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