2005 Proceedings Merchandising Management
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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising Management track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Merchandising Management

 (2005). Determining Private Label and National Brand Loyalty Through the Use of Volatility Measures

(2005). Radio Frequency Identification Tags an Interface between Consumer and Technology

Adomaitis, A., Harder, F., Kincade, D., & Gibson, F. (2005). Shopping for Apparel Products – Wait-Time and Mass Customization

Anderson, J., Fairhurst, A., Jolly, L., & Park, A. (2005). The Role of Database Management and Customer Relationship Management in Apparel Retailing: Using Decision Tree Analysis for Determining Promotional Strategies

Atkins, K., Kim, Y-K., Jolly, L., & Fairhurst, A. (2005). Mixed-Use Developments: Creating a Model of Key Success Factors

Aydelott, N., Isbell, E., Jones, B., Motto, H., Petti, N., Winkel, C., & Paulins, V. (2005). Do Sales Associates Accurately Perceive the Level of Sales Service Desired by Retail Store Customers?

Blaylock, K. & Shay, T. (2005). Retailing female entrepreneurs: Finding the venture capital

Bruer, S. & Cassill, N. (2005). Determining Private Label and National Brand Loyalty Through the Use of Volatility Measures

Crutsinger, C., Kim, H., & Knight, D. (2005). Retail Work Experiences: A Comparison Between High School and College Students

Damhorst, M., Lee, H-H., Campbell, J., Parsons, J., & Loker, S. (2005). Consumer satisfaction with a mass customized Internet apparel shopping site

Fratto, G. & Jones, M. (2005). Price Tiers as a Differentiation Strategy for Apparel Retailers

Gibson, F. & Kincade, D. (2005). Echo Boomers and Trying on Apparel

Halepete, J. & Park, J. (2005). Competitive E-tailing Strategies for Fair Trade Organizations: Benchmarking from Successful Commercial Organizations

Hines, J. & Lee, H-H. (2005). Incorporating Active Learning and Student Inquiry into an Introductory Merchandising Class

Hur, A-H. & Lee, J-H. (2005). Comparison on the salesperson’s service according to fashion retailing format: in fashion outlet store, department store, and discount store.


Jackson, R. (2005). Profile of Internet Users by Community Type

Keene, J., Stoel, L., Wickliffe, V., Hooker, N., & Ernst, S. (2005). Comparison of Rural Retailers’ Perceptions about Using the Internet: Application of the Technology Acceptance Model

Kim, M. (2005). Integrated Learning Strategies for the Retail Merchandising Course

Kim, J. & Jin, B. (2005). An Integrative Model of E-loyalty Development Process: The Role of Etail Quality, E-satisfaction, and E-trust

Kim, S-H. & Kincade, D. (2005). Consumer-Oriented Strategic Marketing in Retail Evolution

Kim, H-S., LaFleur, R., & Schaeffer, K. (2005). Development of a Technology Enhanced Multi-Course Project to Connect Concepts Among Courses

Kincaide, D. and Gibson, F. Y. (2005). Shopping for Apparel Products -- Wait-time and Mass Customization

Knight, D. & Pelton, L. (2005). Hong Kong and China: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Study Abroad

Knight, D. & Kim, H., & Crutsinger, C. (2005). Impact of Retail Work Experiences on Job Outcomes: An Investigation of Job Performance, Job Satisfaction, and Retail Career Intention

Ko, E. (2005). A Study on Relationship between Organizational Characteristics and Adoption of CRM Strategy in the Korean Fashion Industry

Koch, B., Lee, S-E., Douah, R., & Montgomery, R. (2005). Business Use of the Internet by Rural Entrepreneurs Lee, H-H. (2005). Student Reflections about the Collaborative Learning Strategy

Lee, H. H. (2005). Student Relections abou the Collaborative Learning Strategy

Lee, K-H. & Park, J. (2005). A systematic approach to measure the effectiveness of teaching strategies and interactions/communications

Lee, K-H. & Park, J-O. (2005). A Study of Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Integration by Fashion Apparel Manufacturers

Lee, M. & Kim, Y-K. (2005). Competitive Analyses among Big-Box Retailers for Home Improvement/Furnishings

Lee, K-H., Lee, Y., Lee, Y-J., & Yang, H. (2005). Typology of Mass Customization of Apparel Products and Influential Consumer Characteristics

Leslie, C. & Hauck, W. (2005). Categories of Sexual Harassment: Results of a Factor Analysis

Marshall, S. (2005). Collaboration among Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising classes

McIntire, J. (2005). The Best Apparel Retail Buying Tool on Earth: A Free Suite of Spreadsheet Based Tools to Compare Apparel Items for Maximized Profitability

Miller, N., Price, J., & Besser, T. (2005). Does Networking Offer Different Opportunities for Male and Female Entrepreneurs in Small U.S. Communities?

Moore, M. & Carpenter, J. (2005). A Preliminary Investigation of the Relationship between Price Perceptions and Format Choice among Apparel Retailers

Niehm, L., Marcketti, S., Austin, T., Mhango, M., & Gregoire, M. (2005). Building entrepreneurship potential in the Textiles and Clothing curriculum

Novikov, L. & Miller, N. (2005). Comparison between the Successful Businesses Networks Verses the Non-Successful

Park, J. (2005). Industry-cooperated Project: Benchmarking against Entertainment Business and Application to Apparel Businesses

Park, J., Nam, Y., Choi, K-m., & Lee, Y. (2005). Differences in Shopping Orientation of Korean Males by Body Types and Age- Based on 3-D Body Scanning Data-

Schaeffer, K., Orzada, B., & Singer, J. (2005). Simulated Professional Experience – Product Development Evaluation and Target Market Selection

Studak, C., Wuest, B., & Workman, J. (2005). Relationships among Math Self-efficacy, Math Anxiety, and Attitude toward Calculator Use

Thornhill, A., Shea, H., Lester, J., Heitmeyer, J., & Sullivan, P. (2005). The Affect of Retail Atmospherics on the Propensity of Generation Y to Re-patronize Apparel Stores.

Weathers, N. (2005). The Impact of Minority Vendor Development Programs On the American Fashion Scene

Welkey, S., Wuest, B., McGlashan, K., Mogab, J., & Pisani, M. (2005). Outlet shopping centers: Perceptions of Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers

Young, D. & Bayes, A. (2005). Researching and Evaluating Retail Companies through Highlight Projects




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