2005 Proceedings Textiles
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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Textile Science track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


Cao, W. & Moore, M. (2005). Comparative study on flammability of naturally colored cotton

Cao, H., Harmon, H., & Branson, D. (2005). Detection of Organophosphate by Porphyrin Solution and Porphyrin-dyed Cotton Fabric

Chen, H-L., Moore, M., & Kantor, N. (2005). Study of the effect of laundering on naturally colored cottons by swelling reagents

Cho, Y., Takatera, M., Okada, N., Inui, S., & Shimizu, Y. (2005). A Computerized Pattern Making Body Model for Different Sizes and Postures

Hustvedt, G. (2005). Using Media-Rich Web Modules to Increase Student Laboratory Involvement

Lee, S. & Obendorf, S. (2005). Barrier Effectiveness and Thermal Comfort of Protective Clothing Materials

Lin, S-H. (2005). Developing a textile lab manual with limited equipment

Marcketti, S. (2005). Computer mediated communication in a web-based textile science class

McDowell, D. & Mimbs, C. (2005). Designer Challenge: Enhancing the Application of Textiles

McKinney, E. & Eicher, J. (2005). An Unexpected Luxury: Wild Silk Fiber, Yarn and Fabric Production among the Yoruba of Nigeria

Moore, M., Card, A., & Ankeny, M. (2005). Colorfastness of Garment Washed Denim Jeans

Nam, J., Branson, D., Ashdown, S., Cao, H., & Schoenfelder, K. (2005). Textile, Apparel Science 3D Body Scanning: Methods and Data Analysis Development for Quantifying Ease

Sklar, M. & Ghosh, S. (2005). Hot Fabrics: Trend Analysis and Consumer Reactions to Thermal Reactive Textiles

TAKABU, H., TAKAHASHI, S., & MATSUMOTO, T. (2005). Analysis of Shoulder Shape

Young, D., Dragoo, S., & Welkey, S. (2005). Comparing Beliefs about Performance and Care of Apparel Products and Knowledge about Mohair among Apparel Manufacturers and Retailers



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