2005 Proceedings Social Psychological
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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Textile Science track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Social Psychological

Unknown (2005). How Far For Beauty?: A Study of People Who Have and Have Not Had Cosmetic Surgery, and Their Likelihood of Doing So in the Future
Unknown (2005). Perception of Body Attractiveness and Body Size: Cross-cultural Study
Adomaitis, A. & Johnson, K. (2005). Female Body as Selling Tool in Advertisements Targeting Adolescents
Boynton, L. & Konty, M. (2005). Visual Expression of Identity through Dress in Student Subcultures and Ideocultures
Chang, Y. & Owens, N. (2005). Motives, Concerns, and Personal Perceptions About Fashion Tattoos in College-Aged Students
Chiweshe, A., Boll, S., Lambert, M., Cardinale, A., & Wong, Y. (2005). Clothing Design Preferences of Post-Mastectomy Women
Cosbey, S. & Prawitz, A. (2005). The Body Image Brochure
de Klerk, H., Spuy, E., & Kruger, R. (2005). The Role of Social Stereotypes in the Female Adolescent with Anorexia Nervosa’s Experience of The Self
Driver, A. & Jung, J. (2005). Chronic Body Image: A Sub-Cultural Comparison of Body Image within Race and Gender
Farinah, S., Ulrich, P., & Connell, L. (2005). Perceptions of Female Body Size in Relation to Body Mass Index
Friend, L. Keene, J., & Rudd, N. (2005). The Beauty Ideal: Fitness and Health versus Fashion Magazines.
Gardner, L. & Duncan, S. (2005). Using the New York Times as a Valuable Supplement to Classroom Learning
Hethorn, J. (2005). Fashion and Conflicting Aesthetics
Im, H. & Rudd, N. (2005). Meaning of the Body across Cultures: a Meta-analysis
Jacob, J. (2005). Adolescent Body Areas Satisfaction: Associations with Demographic, Leisure Activities and Self-reported Weight Class
Jung, J. (2005). Body Esteem, Body Size, and Dieting Behaviors: A Comparison of Korean and American College Women
Driver, A. & Jung, J. (2005). Chronic Body Image: A Sub-Cultural Comparison of Body Image within Race and Gender
Kozar, J. & Damhorst, M. (2005). The Effects of Media Images on the Self-Perceptions of Older Women
Kim, Y-J., Michelman, S., Seock, Y-K., & Lee, S-G. (2005). Modesty-Immodesty in Dress: A Comparative Cross-Cultural Study in American and South Korean Females
Kwon, Y. & Damhorst, M. (2005). Decoding Postmodern Dress: A Model
Lee, M. (2005). Power and Sexuality in Dress
Lee, Y-J. (2005). Appearance Management Behavior, Benefits Sought in Clothing, and Sex Role Identities of Korean Male Consumers
Lee, Y-A., & Sontag, M. (2005). Clothing as an Environment for Successful Aging: Evaluative Criteria for Clothing Designers
Lee, S., Ulrich, P. & Connell, L. (2005). Body Image Perceptions of Mothers and Their Adolescent Daughters
Malcom, N. (2005). Constructing Identities on Contested Terrain: Dress and Appearance of Real Girls who Negotiate Female Athleticism
McLeod, H. & Becker, S. (2005). Body image and Exquisite Corpse: A Strategy for Selfreflection and Dialogue
McTigue, C., Kamler, E., & Jung, J. (2005). College Students Attitudes Towards Indoor Tanning
Nishimori, M. & Owens, N. (2005). Body Hair Perception and the Hairless Norm in Japanese American Women
Papas, L., Bickle, M., Sanders-Okine, E., & Mallette, D. (2005). Overall Visual Pictorial Appearance of a Student: Examination of Teachers’ Perceptions of the Student’s Characteristics
Pellechio, C. & Jung, J. (2005). Eating Behaviors Portrayed in the Popular Television Shows
Petrova, A. (2005). Fit of Dress: Theoretical Model
Robinson, T. & Giddings, V. (2005). Clothing Behavior, Body Cathexis, and Appearance Management of Women Enrolled in a Commercial Weight Loss Program
Sanders-Okine, E. (2005). Use of Appearance References as Indicators of Social Environmental Conditions in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave. Written by Himself
Smith, P. & Ogle, J. (2005). Interactions among High School Cross Country Runners and their Coaches: Creating A Cultural Context for Athletes’ Body-Related Attitudes and Behaviors
Tyner, K. & Ogle, J. (2005). Feminist Theory of the Body: Applications for Textiles and Clothing Scholars
Yoo, J-J. & Johnson, K. (2005). Adult Experiences with Appearance-related versus Nonappearance-related teasing during Adolescence
Yoo, J-J. & Johnson. (2005). Non-Caucasian Adolescents’ Experiences with Appearance-based Teasing


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