2005 Proceedings Mechandising Visual
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2005 ITAA Proceedings #62

Annual Conference, Alexandria, VA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising Visual track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2005 Merchandising Visual

Ahmed, S. & Forsythe, S. (2005). Examining the Influence of Commercial Website Environment on Online Shopper’s Choice Criteria and Patronage Intentions

Burnett, S. & Kim, M. (2005). Product Information Available on Apparel Retailer Web sites

Cho, H. & Fiorito, S. (2005). Stages of Building Trust in Online Apparel Businesses

Fiore, A. (2005). A Unifying Textiles and Clothing Course: Implementing Corporate Aesthetic Management

Ha, S. & Lennon, S. (2005). E-shopping Attributes Driving Consumer Attitude and Patronage Intention to Shop Online

Hur, A. & Lee, J. (2005). Comparison on the salesperson’s service according to fashion retailing format: in fashion outlet store, department store, and discount store.

Jenkins, M. & Presley, A. (2005). Two Steps Forward and One Step Backward: Gender Equity and the Disempowerment of Women in Fashion Images

Kim, H-Y. (2005). Customer Value, Switching Costs, Retail Preference, and E-Loyalty: A Structural Modeling Approach

Kim, H-J. & Lennon, S. (2005). Pleasure and Approach Responses in Internet Apparel Shopping

Kim, H-S., LaFleur, R., & Schaeffer, K. (2005). Development of a Technology Enhanced Multi-Course Project to Connect Concepts Among Courses

Kim, T. & Lee, Y-J. (2005). “I Tried It On For You!”: Providing Trial-Experience Information on the Internet Apparel Shopping Mall

Kim, J. & Burgess, B. (2005). Impact of Visual Merchandising on College Students' Impulse Buying Behavior in Apparel Shopping Situations

Ko, S., Salusso, C., & Khoza, L. (2005). Internet apparel shopping: Perceptions of risk among South Korean female university students in the apparel major

Kwon, W-S. & Lennon, S. (2005). Development of an Apparel Specialty Retail Brand Image Measurement

Kwon, H. (2005). Consumers’ Perception towards e-fashion Industry : Exploration of Purposes of Using Fashion Brand Websites and Perceived Important Attributes

Lee, H-H., Fiore, A., & Kim, J. (2005). Technology Acceptance Model and Shopping Orientation Applied to Effects of Image Interactivity Technology on Consumer Responses

Lee, J. & Lee, Y. (2005). Exploring how impact of Service Attributes on Attitude vary by E-tailer Type of Fashion Products

Lee, S-H. & Jang, Y-K. (2005). Effects of Fashion Advertisements on Consumers’ Attitudes in Mobile Commerce

Oh, H. & Yoon, S-y. (2005). The Effect of Virtual Triability on Furniture Buying-Decision Seock, Y-K. & Norton, M. (2005). Perceived Attributes of Internet Websites and Consumers’ loyalty Intentions

Rine, T. (2005). Mini Market: Simulation Exercise with Practical Application

Roberts, J. & Bailey, S. (2005). Spring Show: Merging Talents of Merchandising and Design Students for the Ultimate Program Promotion Event

Seock, Y. K. and Norton, M. T. (2005).  Perceived Attributes of Internet Websites and Consumers' Loyalty Intentions

Scovic, S. (2005). Celebrity Brand Advertising and Teenage Consumers

Yang, K. & Dunn, L. (2005). Jolly Factors Affecting Consumers’ Intentions to Use Customized Apparel Websites and Satisfaction with Information Acquisition

Yu, H. & Muske, G. (2005). Visual Merchandising Strategies of Handcraft Products: A Framework of Small Rural Retailer Approach



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