2000 Proceedings Design
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2000 ITAA Proceedings #57

Annual Conference, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2000 Designs

Abbey, T. (2000). Dogwood in Green and Gold


Ballan, J. (2000). Cancer

Ballan, J. (2000). Tea Bag

Barger, M. (2000) Royal Jewels

Bryant, N. O. (2000). Waterfall Garden

Campbell, J. R. (2000). Two Venuses

Campbell, J. R. and Parsons, J. (2000). Bridge

Campbell, J. R. (2000). Antonplant Kimono

Carrico, M. (2000). Iroquois Illumination II

Carrico, M. (2000). 31 JULY 1998

Chase, R. W. (2000). Aubergine

Cho, K. H. (2000). Fresh Air from the East

Cho, M. S. (2000). A Variety of Lines in One Dress

Choi, H.S. and Choi, M.S. (2000). Korean Giwajip

Day, M. (2000). Fractal Iteration

Douglass, J. and Sanders, E. A. (2000). Purple Poise

Ferguson-Boles, J. and Quesenberry, P. P. (2000). Interconnectivity

Haar, S. (2000). Hanging with the Impressionists

Hamilton, S. (2000). Metallic Diva

Hansen, E. (2000). Jellyfish Dress

Hillestad, R. (2000). An Afternoon in the Luxembourg Gardens

Hillestad, R. (2000). An Afternoon in the Gardens of Claude Monet

Hillestad, R. (2000). An Afternoon in Antibes

Hwang, E. (2000). Eternity

Jackura, L. (2000). Celtic Sunset

Kelly, H. (2000). Grace

Kennish, M. (2000). Juliet’s Dream

Kessler-Simpson, S. K. (2000). Blue Bayou

Kim, A. (2000). Spiral


Kim, I. S. (2000). Tradition and Modernity

Kim, J. (2000). Ethos

Kimmons, J. V. (2000). Cats are a Puzzle

Krenzer, G. and Starr, C. (2000). Design Process: Sports Bra Prototype

Large, S. L. (2000). Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear

Large, S. L. (2000). Princess of Your Heart

Lin, L. (2000). Plumage

Lin, O. (2000). Couture

Lin, O. (2000). Ode to Courreges

Pasarell, I. (2000). Millennium Christening Heirloom

Platt, E. (2000). Hardened Soles

Platt, E. (2000). River Guide

Mitura, D. (2000). Valerie

Ridgeway, W. (2000). Black, White, and Red All Over

Sampson, P. B. (2000). Southwest Visions: Potter’s Apron

Sampson, P. B. (2000). Punjabi Plum

Schaeffer, K. E. (2000). Bug Me

Seidlecki, L. (2000). Biovision

Sharp, J. (2000). Fanciful Felt

Sharp, J. (2000). Newsboy Chic

Spencer, K. (2000). Seed Sack Dress

Stalhberg, J. (2000). Fish Flash

Stanforth, N. & Morton, D. (2000). In Our Time

Trout, B. L. (2000). Pinafore 2000

Weingart, B. J. (2000). Sushi

Wesselowski, S. and Haar, S. (2000). Ice Cream Dress

Wesselowski, S. and Haar, S. (2000). Kangaroo Dress

Wesselowski, S. and Haar, S. (2000). Zebra Dress

Wolf, H. (2000). The Imperial Tailor

Wolf, H. (2000). The Imperial Jester

Yakman, G. and Boles, J. (2000). Zippers Couture

Yakman, G. and Schofield-Tomschin, S. (2000). Hole-in-One

Yang, K. W. AND Choi, M. S. (2000). Sounds from Under the Sea

Fiber Arts

Parsons, J. , and Campbell, J. R. (2000). CATHEDRAL

Campbell, J.R. (2000).  FORCED EVOLUTION



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