2008 Proceedings DES
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2008 ITAA Proceedings #65
Annual Meeting, Shaumburg, Illinois, USA
November 5-8, 2008

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.


Adams, M. K. (2008). They all fall down
Adams, M. K. (2008). Wings
Ahn, I. S. Modesty and innocence
Ames, A. (2008). Ancient Future II
An, S. K. (2008). Blue snow
An, S. K. (2008). The crimson cascade
An, S. K. (2008). Japanese apricot
Avery, J. (2008). Statuette silver: An exhibition of the body
Bailey, R. & Pasricha, An. (2008). Loved ones
Barker, E. & Weippert, R. (2008). Rebel rebel-4
Beard, C. (2008). Childhood memories
Begler, G. (2008). Chandelier dress
Begler, G. (2008). The mourning dress
Begler, G. (2008). The jewels of Versailles
Bennett, S. & Parsons, J. (2008). De stijl flapper
Bennett, J. (2008). Graystone river
Berent, L. (2008). Sun safe caddie polo
Bloss, C. (2008). What the forest does for fun
Brej, D. & Winge, T. M. (2008). El Caribeand structure
Bremmer, E. (2008). The fusion of bespoke hand-woven fabrics an digital inkjet printing: the effect ofyarn content on image
Brock, M. K. (2008). Finding the beauty that is
Bye, E. (2008). Body scan: Enhanced
Bye, E. (2008). Marquette
Campbell, J. R. (2008). Walking in a digital space
Campbell, J. R. (2008). Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Campbell, J. R. (2008). Rainbow tunnel: From Marin to the Golden Gate
Carlin, K. (2008). Translucent elegance
Carras, M. & Lamar, T. M. (2008). Black knitted dress and black shibori headdress
Carrico, M. (2008). Spiral dress 581: In contrast
Caroll, K. & Sweet, R. (2008). The allure of the somewhat sinister grapefruit; Adaptation of a design
Castelli, N. (2008). Filigree
Cereola, D. & Falsken, J. (2008). Hustle your bustle
Chae, M. H. (2008). The flower garden
Chang, L. F. (2008). Fembot
Chiweshe, A. (2008). The last storm
Cho, K. H. (2008). Sweet coral reef
Christel, D. A. (2008).Core strength and support
Clarke, M. (2008). Midnight grace
Clarke, M. (2008). Something old something new
Cline, R. A. & Hahn, K. H. (2008). Panic-Fight-or-fligt

Colbert, K. & Reams, D. (2008). Tetris dress
Comer, L. & Winge, T. (2008). Couture from the black lagoon
Cranney, C. A. (2008). Fleur de mer (Flower of the sea)
Cuba, J. (2008). Shef wear
Davis, M. (2008). Singin’ in the rain
Davis, R. (2008). The ultimate chef coat
DeFuria, J. A. (2008). Zipped-up chiffon
Deonier, D. A. (2008). Aphrodite’s Complexities
Deonier, D. A. (2008). Mermaid armor
Deshais, B. (2008). Hand-printed vegetable dyed leather jacket and jumper utilizing organic forms and
sheer draped top
Dominy, S. (2008). Open front
Dominy, S. (2008). T-shirt dress
Dominy, S. (2008). Urban jungle
Douglas, J. (2008). Hypnotic
Dowd, M. (2008). Kage: Shadows
Dragoo, S. (2008). Black lattice unleashed
Edelstein, E. & Ashdown, S. (2008). Grapefruit unpeeling
Engel-Enright, C. (2008). Ribbon radiance
Engel-Enright, C. (2008). Coming out
Engel-Enright, C. (2008). Petals
Failor, A. & Kim, J. (2008). Gradiating green
Fair, J. & Ashdown, S. (2008). EdenFair, J. & Ashdown, S. (2008). Heaven
Fair, J. & Ashdown, S. (2008). Violet light
Fairley, H. & Winge, T. (2008). Purple haze
Fank, K. (2008). Fairy princess
Fank, K. (2008). No body knows
Fank, K. (2008). What a night
Fausel, M. (2008). Sqwas
Flack, J. (2008). Sugar coated Rococo
Gam, H. J. (2008). Tie the knot: A wedding anniversary dress
Gibbons, L. (2008). Couture dress to raise awareness of malaria
Giovanna, M. D. (2008). Well behaved women rarely make history
Giovanna, M. D. (2008). Parched
Glefke, A. M. (2008). Cutting edge ‘No Sweat’ baseball umpire uniform
Grieser, D. (2008). Stay cool ‘n’ clean work shirt
Haddad, N. (2008). Digital dreams-I
Haddad, N. (2008). Digital dreams-II
Hahn, K. H. (2008). Meshes in the afternoon I
Hahn, K. H. (2008). Meshes in the afternoon II
Hayashibara, L. & Reilly, A. (2008). Double-breasted zipper jacket
Hayashibara, L. & Reilly, A. (2008). Fish scales
Hayashibara, L. & Reilly, A. (2008). Starbucks green
Haynes, J. B. (2008). Blue Bayou
Haynes, J. B. (2008). Biloxi Blues: A tribute to the Gulf Coast
Hethorn, J. (2008). Re-Make #2

Hogue, M. (2008). Deadly Duplicity: The Perfect Cover-Up for the Perfect Crime
Hogue, M. (2008). A Suitable Alibi: Designed for style, tailored to kill
Hoxie, J. (2008). The “Wright” choice
Huebner, J. (2008). Urban architecture
Hwang, H. (2008). Kinky curve with black & noir
Hyde, E. (2008). Sparks and steel
Hyun, E. (2008). Silk waves
Iiams, E. & Salusso, C. J. (2008). Daffodil
Iiams, E.& Salusso, C. J. (2008). The rose
Iiams, E. & Salusso, C. J. (2008). The wisteria
Istook, C. (2008). Retro 1
Istook, C. (2008). Retro 2
Jarvis, R., McDonald, K., Mageski, E., & Dougherty, C. (2008). Preventative malaria active wear for
children regularly exposed
Jennings, T. (2008). Body of art
Jeong, J. (2008). Modernism and antiquity: A complete harmony-mens
Jeong, J. (2008). Modernism and Antiquity: A Complete Harmony – Womens
Jerome, M. (2008). Diamonds over lace
Jerome, M. (2008). Lace cascade
Jerome, M. (2008). Violet glow
Johnson, R. R. (2008). Renaissance eclipse

Juarez, L. (2008). Gone fishing
Kalt, L. (2008). Desired Maria
Kang, K. & Cho, K. (2008). Octopus necktie
Kietponglert, A. (2008). In the shadow of wings
Kim, M. (2008). The blooming day
Kim, M. & Cho, K. S. (2008). Golden crater
Kim, E. (2008). Green future: The 21st century
Kim, E. (2008). Purity: The meeting of tradition and modernity
Ko, S. (2008). VE construction
Kostran, A. (2008). Cool Runnings – Fashion Forward Active Wear 1
Kostran, A. (2008). Cool Runnings – Fashion Forward Active Wear 2
Kostran, A. (2008). Cool Runnings – Fashion Forward Active Wear 3
Kung, L. (2008). Effervescent
Kwon, Y. J. (2008). Cheema and Cheoma: Korean Skirt and Eaves
Kwon, Y. J. & Parsons, J. (2008). EastWest
LaFleur, R. S. (2008). Diamond Back Cocktail Dress
LaFleur, R. S. (2008). Gilded Cage
LaPrairie, C. (2008). Cool Construction Shirt for Hot Environments
Lee, H. C. (2008). A Blossomed Flower in the Rich Forest
Lee, Y. (2008). Flower Basket: Two in One
Lee, Y. A. & Song, J. A. (2008). Bo-Ja-Gi Reborn

Lewis, T. L. (2008). Indigo: Tropic Shade Leaf
Lewis, T. L. (2008). Terra: Bamboo Earth Lily
Lim, H. (2008). Aphrodite Evening Dress
MacGillivray, M. S.; Cuba, J.; Davis, R.; LaPrarie, C.;. Stosio, A.; & Warmbein, A. (2008). Incubation
Station: Mosquito Couture
Mahajan, A. (2008). Not to Die For.
McMinds, J. & Winge, T. (2008). Bois de Rose
Metzger, J. L. (2008). Feminine Energy
Mikels, C. (2008). Trash Deco
Miller, P. (2008). Fertility Belt: Cross-Stitched Design Inspired by Bulgarian Symbolism
Miller, P. (2008). International Sunset Jacket
Miller, N. L. (2008). Purely Strawberries and Cream
Morton, A. & Reilly, A. (2008). My Hawai`i Dress
Morton, A. & Reilly, A. (2008). Phat
Morton, A. & Reilly, A. (2008). Starry Night
Mullet, K. K. & Park, M. (2008). Hanbok Sport
Mullet, K. K. & Pederson, E. (2008). Inspiration India
Murray, B. (2008). A Walk in the Clouds
Naumann, M. & Ashdown, S. (2008). City Knights – Intersection
Neal, A., Lynch, K. & Reams, D. (2008). Bustle-Dress
Nelson, B. & Lally, M. (2008). Origami Eruption
Neumayer, E. (2008). Lake Elizabeth
Neumayer, E. (2008). Sankofa
Neumayer, E. (2008). Saved
Jones, A. R. (2008). Christian Dior and I: La Renaissance de l’élégance “France”
Jones, A. R. (2008). Christian Dior and I: La Renaissance de l’élégance “Tania”

Odukomaiya, Z. R. & Chang, A. L. (2008). Cross-Cultural Studies: importance in Fashion Design
Ohrn-Mcdaniels, L. (2008). The Beauty of Leftovers
Ohrn-Mcdaniels, L. (2008). Memories Hold it Together
Ohrn-Mcdaniels, L. (2008). From Rags to Riches
Orzada, B. T. (2008). Bias Dress in Walnut
Orzada, B. T. (2008). Blue Pagoda
Paresa, V. & Reilly, A. (2008). Knit Origami
Paresa, V. & Reilly, A. (2008). Psychedelic Chic
Paresa, V. & Reilly, A. (2008). The Gift of Starbucks
Park, H. J. & Quevedo, V. G. (2008). Apocalypse
Park, H. J. & Quevedo, V. G. (2008). Fossil
Park, H. J. & Quevedo, V. G. (2008). Joyful future
Park, R. (2008). Ballerina Who Loves a Painter
Park, R. (2008). Mermaid Who Loves a Dyer
Park, R. (2008). Pink Rose Who Loves Scissor Hands
Park, Y. (2008). The Scent of Spring Wind
Pattavina, M. & Trout, B. (2008). Geology
Perez, C. A. (2008). View from a Train: Swiss Countryside in the Early Spring
Pickett, M. & Haar, S. (2008). Desired Feelings
Presley, A. B. (2008). A Visit to Tuscan Wine Country
Quevedo, V. G. V. (2008). Bloom
Quevedo, V. G. V. (2008). I Have a Dream
Quevedo, V. G. V. (2008). Seventh Day

Rakauskaite, K. (2008). Eco-Fashioned
Rakauskaite, K. (2008). Lace Illusion
Reams, D. (2008). Dance, not War
Reams, D. (2008). Eyelash Dress
Richards, J. B. (2008). Backhand
Richards, J. B. (2008). Tuck and Dive
Robinson, J. L. (2008). Mrs. Peel, We’re Needed
Rosenbaum, T. (2008). Josephine
Rosenbaum, T. (2008). Silver Lining
Ross, R. (2008). Leikela’s Sunrise
Roth, A. (2008). A New Newsie
Sampson, P. (2008). Wealth and Happiness
Sanders, E. (2008). Fractal Analysis II: Inspiration Erte
Sanders, E. (2008). Metalling with Fibers XXX: A Study in Geometry
Scarborough, A. D., & Mullet, K. K. (2008). Bollywood playback dress for Lata
Schactler, C. (2008). Burnished Goddess
Schactler, C. (2008). Diamonds and Pearls: a Quilter’s Wedding Gown
Schactler, C. (2008). A New Home for a Vintage Velvet
Schlepp, K. (2008). A New York State of Mindfulness
Shen, Y. (2008). Environmental story: Formosan Sika Deer
Simmons, K. (2008). Sustainable Design for the Affluent Customer: Origami Bodice and Coordinating
Smith, I. N. (2008). The Deconstruction of Nature: Ruched Handkerchief Dress

Anxiety Disorders and Cognitive Impairments
Sohn, J. (2008). Sharp Volume
Song, S. & Mullet, K. K. (2008). Yun- Flying Kite
Sparks, D. & Mantranga, J. (2008). Midnight
Sparks, D. & Mantranga, J. (2008). Valentine
Sprout, T. (2008). Has No One Condemned You?
Stanforth, N. & Leslie, C. (2008). The Real Ideal
Star, C. L. & Quevedo, V. G. V. (2008). Dyeing with Rust; an Experimental Design Process to Replicate
the Appearance of Leather
Stidham, J. K. (2008). Arctic Bliss
Storey-Kramer, M. (2008). Jellyfish Dress
Stosio, A. (2008). Baby, it’s Cold Outside (The womb): A Sleeper for Premature Babies that Retains Heat
Stocio, A. & MacGillavray, M. (2008). Exploration of German Culture from 1930-2000: A Creative
Approach to Design
Tate, G. (2008). Process to Reprocess
Teshka, T., McKay, K., & Mamo, L. (2008). Service Learning: Mosquito Couture
Thibodeaux, J. & McRoberts, L. (2008). Beyond Man
Thompson, A. & Orzada, B. (2008). Depraved Beauty
Thompson, A. & Orzada, B. (2008). You Had Me at Hello
Tokuda, J. & Ashdown, S. (2008). Mystic Orchid
Trout, B. (2008). Return of the Curve
Trout, B. (2008). Plumage Adorned
Varela, I. & McRoberts, L. B. (2008). Composition of Femininity and Masculinity
Varela, I. & McRoberts, L. B. (2008). Essence of Naturalism

Veikley, M. & Lewis, V. (2008). Puddle -Splashing Raincoat
Veikley, M. & Lewis, V. (2008). Radial Pleats
Walters, R. M. & Winge, T. (2008). Dark Side of Oz – The Wicked Witch of the West
Wang, Y. & Tan, P. L. (2008). Greek Muthos of the 21 Century
Wasseburger, A. (2008). Sunrise on the Mountains
Weaver, C. & Lewis, V. (2008). A Process
Weippert, R. & Barker (2008). Rebel Rebel 5—The Groupie
Weippert, R. & Barker (2008). Rebel Rebel-1
White, W. & Mullet, K. K. (2008). Jingle Dress
Widawski, S. D. (2008). Mangrove
Wimmer, B. (2008). Brokeback
Wu, J. X. & Lewis, V. (2008). Venus Anadyomene I
Wu, J. X. & Lewis, V. (2008). Venus Anadyomene II
Wu, J. & Davis, R. (2008). Recycling to be Sparkling
Wu, J. & Tuntland, C. (2008). Does not have to be
Wu, J. & Davis, R. (2008). Re-Use
Yong, M. & Cho,K. H. (2008). Dream of the Turban Shell
Yoon, M. (2008). Mosaic
Yoon, M. (2008). Triangle Composition
Zhang, L. (2008). Blooming Colors
Zhang, L. & Parsons, J. L. (2008). The Days on My Past
Zhang, L. & Yu, Y. (2008). Fibonacci for Fashion
Zhang, L. (2008). Impression of Chu Kingdom



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