2011 Proceedings Consumer Behavior
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Consumer Behavior

Bhaduri, G. & Ha-Brookshire, J. (2011). Trust and Distrust in the Apparel Industry and its Influence on Perceived Apparel Quality

Chang, H.-J., Hodges, N., & Yurchisin, J. (2011). Consumers with Disabilities: A Qualitative Exploration of Clothing Selection and Meanings

Chang, H.-J., Yan, R,-N., & Eckman, M. (2011). Individual and Situational Influences on Impulse Buying

Cho, S. & Workman, J.E. (2011). Preference for Touch/Non-Touch Shopping Channels for Clothing: A Comparison between Korean and US Consumers

Choi, Y.-J. & Oh, K. (2011). Hierarchical Conceptualization of Self-determined Motivation for Thrift Shopping

Davis, L. (2011). Exploring Chinese Consumers' Shopping Experiences

Davis, L. (2011). Investigating Chinese Consumer Perceived Shopping Value in Department Stores and Supermarkets

Dunne, L.E., Zhang, V., Danzl, A., Koo, H., & Terveen, L. (2011). Consumer Practice in the Home Wardrobe: Decision-Making and Management Strategy

Goudeau, C. & Lee, H.-J. (2011). Motivational Factors Contributing to Utilitarian and Hedonic Attitudes toward Organic Foods

Harmon, J., Anderson, C. & Rudd, N.A. (2011). Appearance Management Across the Life Span

Hong, H., Kim, H.-S. &Lennon, S.J. (2011). The Effects of Perceived Risk and Usefulness of Online Product Reviews

Jeon, S. & Kim, H.J. (2011). Clicking or Buying? Determinants of e-Impulse Buying

Kang, J. (2011). Who Are Social Shoppers? Profiling Shoppers with Social-Shopping Pattern, Social Sensitivity, Fashion Orientation, and Shopping Outcomes

Kang, J.-Y. M. & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Influence of Mobile Affinity, OSL, and PersonalValues on M-Shopping Attitude and Intention: A Mixed Methods Inquiry

Kemerly, T.W. & Hodges, N. (2011). To Buy or Not to Buy: Exploring the Online, Decision-Making Process of Female Home Furnishings Consumers

Kim, H. & Damhorst, M.L. (2011). Exploring Consumers’ Concerns with Fit and Size of Garments in Offline and Online Shopping: Focus Group Interview

Kim, H.-Y., Yoo, J.-J., Kang, J.-Y.M., Mun, J.M., & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Applying Vanity Theory to Luxury Consumption Behavior

Kim, J., Kim, J,-E., Kim, J. & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Actual Congruity and Ideal Congruityas Motivation for Luxury Brand Consumption

Kim, J. & Johnson, K.K.P. (2011). Modification of the Brand Luxuriousness Index (BLI) Scale

Kim, J. & Lee, H.-H. (2011). Relationships among Shopping Orientations and U.S. Consumer’s Luxury Purchase Behavior

Kim, S. & Kim, H.-S. (2011). Reference Groups and Self-Brand Connections for Apparel Products

Kobia, C. & Liu, C. (2011). Examining Teen Girls’ Fashion Behavior in the Virtual and the Real World: An Exploratory

Kopczenski, A. & Kim, M. (2011). Factors Affecting University Alumni’s Purchase of University licensed Products

Lee, J.Y., Johnson, K.K.P., & Kim, H.-Y. (2011). Cause-Related Marketing in the Fashion Industry: Effects on Consumer Identification and Consumer Responses

Lee, J.E., Cho, J.R., & Stoel, L. (2011). A Comparison between Rural and Urban Apparel Shoppers: Store Attribute Preferences, Yearsof Loyalty, and Word-of-Mouth

Lennon, S.J., Kim, M., Johnson, K.K.P., & Lee, J. (2011). Consumer Misbehavior on Black Friday: A Process Model

Li, Y.M. & Ellis, J.L. (2011). Consumers’ Brand Equity and Willingness to Pay a Price Premium

Li, Y. & Kwon, W.-S. (2011). E-Word of Mouth via Social Networking Sites: The Impact of Use Intensity and Social Capital

Magie, A.A. & Young, D.D. (2011). An Investigation of the Relationship Between Fashion Involvement and Gender Among Teens

Magie, A.A. & Young, D.D. (2011). The Relationship between Shopping Orientation and Browsing and Buying Partners among Teens

Myers, B. & Kwon, W.-S. (2011). An Exploratory Study of Consumers’ Thoughts upon Exposure to a Cause-Brand Alliance

Oh, K. & Choi, Y.-J. (2011). Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation as a Predictor for Thrift Shopping Behavior

Park, J. & Curwen, L.(2011). No Pain, No Gain?: A Qualitative Analysis of Dissatisfied Consumers’ Anecdotes with Footwear

Parsons, M., Hathcote, J.M., & Rees, K. (2011). Window Displays: Their Effect on Consumers’ Information Search When Making Purchase Decisions

Sancheti, Y., Connell, L.J., & Ulrich, P.V. (2011). Why Wear this? Exploring differences in Tween Preference of Clothing Attributes

Shin, E.-Y.; Kim, H.-S., & Lennon, S.J. (2011). Brand Image, Brand Familiarity and Brand Attitude for Five Country-of-Origin Brands: A Cross-Cultural Study of U.S. and Japanese Consumers

Shin, E. & Niehm, L.S. (2011). Exploring Quality in Prior Online Shopping Experiences and the Impact on Consumers’ Mobile Shopping Intentions

Son, J. & Damhorst, M.L. (2011). Off-stage Celebrity Photo Influence on Consumers’ Clothing and Consumption

Su, J. (2011). An Update on Young Chinese Consumer Styles: A Survey of China’s Post-80s Generation

Workman, J.E. & Lee, S.-H. (2011). Consumer Vanity, Gender, and Brand Sensitivity

Wu, J., Damminga, C., Kang, J,-Y.M., Kim, H.-Y., & Kohnson, K.K.P. (2011). Mass Customization 2.0: Testing a Co-design Experience Model

Xu, W. & Cho, H. (2011). Website Features of Chinese e-retailers: Identified from Consumer Perspectives

Yan, R.-N. & Park, J. (2011). Consumer Satisfaction with Footwear Products: The Influences of Knowledge and Expectancy Disconfirmation Paradigm Perspectives

Yang, J.-H., Chen-Yu, J. (2011). The Relationships among Consumer Characteristics, Attitude, and Purchase Intention in Apparel Mass-customization

Yang, K. & Kim, H.-Y. (2011). Prediction of Mobile Shoppers: An Application of Multiple Discriminant Analysis of Pre-and Post-Adoption of Mobile Shopping

Yang, R., Giovannini, S., & Xu, Y. (2011). How Do I Look?-Exploring the Influence of Public Self-Consciousness on Chinese Consumers’ Behavior for Luxury Fashion Products

Zhang, R. & Burns, L.D. (2011). The Effect of Reputation System and Live Chat Service on Consumers’ Responses Towards Unfamiliar Retailers



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