2011 Creative Design Fiber Art
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Creative Design Fiber Art  track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Creative Design Fiber Art


Baker, R. (2011). Heart-to-Heart

Bell, C. (2011). Gorgonian

Brittingham, J. (2011). A Gum Gal

Brittingham, J. (2011). Key to the Cage

Chiweshe, A. (2011). Hard Wear II: The Mouse Play

Dalton, E. (2011). Sheer Triangulation

Danzl, A., Guttmann, S., Lopez, S., & Zhybar, D. (2011). The Solar Family Dad

Des-Brisay, B. (2011). Denim O-Yoroi

Do, T. (2011). Christmas Gift

Do, T. (2011). Origami Flower Dress

Do, T. (2011). The Little Bridal Dress

Ford, D. (2011). Rust Dyed Silk Coat

Haar, S. (2011). From the Garden: Green Leaf

Haar, S. (2011). From the Garden: Hammered Halter

Haar, S. (2011). From the Garden: Tri-fold Print

Haynes, A. (2011). Little Red Dress

Healy, B. (2011). The Distracted Playsuit

Hillmann, E. (2011). Soft Glow

Jennings, L. (2011). Ship Wrecked

Jones, M. (2011). Eos

Kallal, M.J. (2011). Roiling Waters

Karkazian, T. (2011). Up-cycled Rainbow Ballerina Prom Dress

Kathol, K. (2011). Elytra Soaring

Lagervall-Adams, K. & Verrelli, L. (2011). Refusion

Lopez, S. (2011). Distorted by Mod.rian

Lopez, S. (2011). Mod.rian

Lundby, D. (2011). Islands and Mountains

Lundby, D. (2011). Painting the Roses Red

Mayers, J. (2011). X-Ray

Min, S. (2011). Butterfly for Transformation

Ohrn-McDaniel, L. (2011). Knit vs. Woven

Porterfield, A. (2011). Houston to Chicago

Pyle, M. (2011). The Bride

Quevedo, V. (2011). Peace

Robinson, J.R. (2011). Mine Bending

Sanders, E.A. (2011). Metalling with Fibers Ode to Tina Turner

Santos, J.M. (2011). Recycled Denim

Schactler, C. (2011). Diamonds and Pearls, an Engineering Challenge

Schofield-Tomschin, S. (2011). Prairie Tulip

Seegers, S. (2011). The Proximal Stimuli of Attribution Theory

Sharp, K.J. & Clay, A. (2011). Juicy Couture

Smith, K.J. (2011). The Secret Garden

Smith-Owens, W. (2011) From Retail to Cocktail

Solo, S. (2011). Strength in Femininity

Stannard, C. (2011). Indications

Sun, L. (2011). Captured

Sun, L. (2011). Cooled by Indigo 



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