2011 Creative Design Target Market
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Creative Design Target Market track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Creative Design Target Market

Bolds, D., Henry, K., & Joyner, J. (2011). Economical Bra for Developing Nations

Bruce, K. (2011). Tribal Domination

Campbell, M. (2011). 1950s Berries Dress

Chang, L.-F. (2011). Color Me Successful

Cobb, K. (2011). The Wear-with-all Coat

Corey, H. (2011). Unzipped Carnivale

Danzl, A., Guttmann, S., Lopez, S. & Zhyhar, D. (2011). Solar Family Child’s Garment

Faber, E. (2011). Weightless Strength – A Dedication to a Trapeze Artist

Feickert, K.L. (2011). Chiffon Trapeze Dress with Sort Stay Vest and Microfiber Coat

Featuring Double Cascade Collar and Cowl Sleeves

Feickert, K.L. (2011). Sustainable Cotton Design: Corset Ensemble with Asymmetrical and

Notched Cowl Collar Blouse

Flenniken, A. (2011). The Missing Piece

Giroux, C. (2011). Spirited Away

Hall, H. (2011). Ribbons and Romance: The Dance of Bride

Handschuch, A. (2011). Wind Chime

Hillmann, E. (2011). Blaze

HIllmann, E. & Lopez, S. (2011). Cool-Rider Mountain Biking Jacket

Hoopes, W. (2011). Armored Modernism

Koo, H. (2011). The Color Therapy Dress

Lee, J.Y. (2011). Romantic+Sporty

Young, M.L. (2011). Evolution of Knot: A Case Study of Environment-friendly Fashion

Maravilla, M. (2011). Rockin Elegant

Miller, G. (2011). Duds

Miller, P.B. (2011). Egyptian Ceiling Coat

Miller, P.B. (2011). Kente Rap with Bronze, Adinkra Fasteners

Miller, P.B. (2011). Cabled Confection Vertically Reversible Sweater

Mittelstadt, A. (2011). Fashionably Folded

Odamaki, Y. (2011). Image of Crane Bird

Onisk, J. (2011). Cloud Warrior

Perry, J. (2011). Ammanye

Perry, J. (2011). ModDenim

Perry, J. (2011). Sable

Plummer, B. (2011). Lend me a Tenor and Build me a Suit

Plummer, B. (2011). Tea Party with Madison

Robertson, C. (2011). Geometric Tennis Wear

Ross, K. (2011). Patchwork Daisy

Salusso, C.J. (2011). Visualize Victory!

Schaefer, K. (2011). Unveiled – Modular, Sustainable Bridal Design

Sonner, J. & Scott-Johnson, C. (2011). Keep it French

Stidham, J.K. (2011). Snow Day

Tan, H.S. (2011). Butterfly Fish Dress

Todd, N. (2011). Amalgamate: Combine or Unite to Form Organization of Structure

Tomita, A. (2011). More di Fuoco

Tullio-Pow,S., Schaefer, K., & Nyhof-Young, J. (2011). Inclusive Post-Mastectomy Sleepwear: Toward Sweet Dreams for All

Turner, E. & Donnelson, K. (2011). Playing in the Rain

Walters, R. (2011). Miel d’Abeille

Walters, R. (2011). Pyat That

Wasserman, M. (2011). Life’s Colors

Wei, S. (2011). Daphne

Yang, E. (2011). Water in Sky

Zhyhar, D. (2011). Combining the Opposites  




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