2011 Proceedings Design_Product Development
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design/Product Development track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Design/Product Development

An, S.K., Branson, D., Peksoz, S. & Petrova, A. (2011). Laboratory Assessment of Range of Motion with Female Soldiers Wearing a Ballistic Vest

Bennett, S. & Parsons, J. (2011). Integrating Digital Textile Printing with Traditional Dye Techniques

Boorady, L.M. & Kuykendall, A. (2011). The Anthropometrics of Junior Sizing: Does the Size Fit the Population?

Boorady, L.M., Polvinen, E. & Brinson, D. (2011). Using Multiple Courses to Simulate Product Development and the Use of Second World

Cottle, F., Connell. L.J., Ulrich, P., & Carpenter, M. (2011). Statistical Human Body Form Analysis: Method Development

Dell’Agnese, L., Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K., Andrews, A., Ibrahim, W., Stein, R., Russo, F., & Boudreau, J.-P. (2011). Wearable Technology: Prototype Development of a Garment to Mediate Communication between Caregivers and Infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Delong, M., Goncu-Berk, G., Bye, E., & Wu, J. (2011). Designing for Sustainable Best Practices

Dragoo, S.L. (2011). Applying Technical Construction and Design Skills With Community-Minded Application

Dunne, L.E. (2011). Learning the Methods of Hand-Tailoring Through a Short Half-Scale Trial Draft

Elsasser, V.H. & Sharp, J. (2011). Product Development for the Millennial Generation

Farr, C.A. & Reiskind, M. (2011). Testing Apparel as Protection from Biting Flies

Freeman, C. & McRoberts, L. (2011). A Pilot Study of Creative Thinking Skill Influences on Creative Product Output and Assessment: A Creativity Hat Assignment

Gardner, L. (2011). Twelve Months of FashionKim, D.-E. & LaBat, K. (2011). Consumer Experience in Using 3D Virtual Garment Simulation Technology

Koo, H.S., Janigo, K.A., & Dunne, L.E. (2011). Conductive Gloves for Smart Phone Use

LaBat, K., Sowers, C., Koo, H., Goncu, G., Sohn, M., & Buckner, K. (2011). Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as Predictor of Team Success in Product Development

Lee, J.S. & Jirousek, C.A. (2011). The Development of Design Ideas in the Apparel Design Process: A Pilot StudyRudd, N.A. & Reilly, A. (2011). Pleasures and Perils of Producing a Student Design Show

Lehman, O. & Carroll, K. (2011). Development of an Eco Index for Application in the Fashion Product Development ClassroomMilz, L. & Ashdown, S. (2011). Designing in 3D: An In-Class Draping Exercise

Min, L. & Lee, Y.-A. (2011). Exploratory Study of College Students’ Body Type Comparison between White European American and Asian in the United States

Morris, K., Park, J., & Sarkar, J. (2011). Collaborative Apparel Product Development: Developing a Nursing Sports Bra

Orzada, B.T. & Williams, S.Y. (2011). Forecasting 2.0: Use of Web 2.0 for Market Research in Apparel Product Development

Park, J., Morris, K., & Stannard, C. (2011). Universal Design: Theory and Empirical Applications in Apparel Design

Park, Y.J. & Lee, Y.-A. (2011). Content Analysis of Clothing Research on People with Disabilities and their Special Needs

Parsons, J.L. (2011). Patent and Process: Integrating Historic Patterns into an Apparel Design Practice

Pinkston, M.R. & Damhorst, M.L. (2011). Computer Assessment of Hue: Toward Objective Measurement of Appearance

Romeo, L.D. & Karpova, E. (2011). A Comparison of Linear and Somatotype PatternDrafting for Standard and Plus Sizes

Ross, S., Simmons, K., & Ulrich, P. (2011). Style Preference and Benefits Sought by Women for Customized Swimwear Based on Body Shape, Age, and Dress Size

Rowlett, J. & Perez, C.A. (2011). Comparing Manufacturing Costs of Two Similarly-Priced Shirts

Rudd, N.A. & Reilly, A. (2011).  Pleasures and Perils of Producing a Student Design Show

Sampson, P.B. (2011). Critical Thinking as an Outcome of Developing a Fashion Portfolio

Seifert, C. & Chattaraman, V. (2011). Design Principles and Holistic Processing: Interaction Effects of Design Complexity and Novelty on Aesthetic Response

Sidberry, P. & Chattaraman, V. (2011). Effects of Body Shape on Dress Shape Preferences of Female Consumers: A Balancing Perspective

Simmons, K.P., Ulrich, P.V., Connell, L.J., & Khatavkar, R. (2011). Anthropometric Measurements of Tween boys as Compared to ASTM Standards for Lower Body Fit

Simmons, K.P. (2011). Classroom Exercises for Marker Making

Sindicich, D. (2011). Fit Issues and Service Levels in Men’s Business Clothing

Stanforth, N. & Campbell, J.R. (2011). The Cotton Show: Creating Luxury Cotton Products through Digitally-Engineered Prints

Starr, C., Cao, H., Peksoz, S., Branson, D., & Warde, B. (2011). Thermal Manikin Evaluation of Material Component and Design Features on Heat and Moisture Transfer of QuadGard™ Body Armor

Steen, K. & Allyn, L. (2011). From Hand to Garment: Using Henna Art in a Collaborative Classroom Assignment in Africa and the U.S.

Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K., & Nyhof-Young, J. (2011). Towards Functional and Inclusive Sleepwear Designs for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Comparison of Two Fabrics

Vizguerra, M. & Perez, C.A. (2011). Comparison of Patternmaking Methodologies

Yang, E., Dragoo, S.L., & Young, D.D. (2011). Industry Knowledge Needed by Fashion Design Graduates: Focus on Merchandising

Yang, E., Dragoo, S.L., & Young, D.D. (2011). Technical Skills Needed by Fashion Design Graduates: Focus on Patternmaking Techniques

Yu, S., Glasper, M., Strickfaden, M., Crown, B., & McQueen, R. (2011). Methodology for using Precedent-based Clothing Design



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