2011 Proceedings History
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the History track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.



Brett, A., Blinova, V., & Strickfaden, M. (2011). Opening the Book on Design, Disability & Independence: Investigating Anne Kernaleguen?s Book Clothing Designs for the Handicapped

Hasty, A. (2011). Love Will Never Be Rationed: Exploring World War II Wedding Apparel through Bride Magazine

Hunt-Hurst, P. & Dykes, A. (2011). Uncovering the Body: An Examination of Two-Piece Underwear in the 1920s

Kincade, D.H., Dull, E.H., Dull A.E., & Quesenberry, P.P. (2011). Using Artifact Analysis for an Examination of Textile Mills and Apparel and Furniture Plants

Lantz, J. & Bradley, L.A. (2011). Teaching Costume Museum Management, a.k.a. “Costume C.S.I.”

López-Gydosh , D. (2011). The Celebrity Connection: Historical Personalities as the “Face”of a Contemporary Fashion Brand, a Fashion History Project

Mower, J. & Pedersen, E.L. (2011). Women's Consumption of Apparel during World War II: Preliminary Findings

Parsons, J.L. & Marcketti, S.B. (2011). The Story of a Collector: Research and Exhibition of One Woman’s Passion for Fashion

Tobey, R. & Orzada, B.T. (2011). Polished versus Coarse: Men’s Fashions in Colonial Portraits, Forging an American Identity

Ulasewicz , C. & Murphy, M. (2011). Influence of World War II on Women’s Fashions in San Francisco

Wang, X. & Marcketti, S.B. (2011). Fair Competition in the Corset and Brassiere Industry, 1933-1935

Welters, L. & Lillethun, A.(2011). Toward a History of World Dress

Zeng, Y. & Kuttruff, J.T. (2011). Chinese Influence on Western Women’s Dress in American Vogue Magazine, 1960-2009


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