2011 Proceedings Merchandise Management Retailing
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandise Management & Retailing track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Merchandise Management/Retailing

Bahng, Y. & Kincade, D.H. (2011). Surviving Fast Fashion – A Qualitative Study in South Korea

Baucum, N., Watchravesringkan, K., & Machado, T. (2011). The Influence of Consumers’ Price Perception on Ongoing Search and Shopping Behavior: A Multichannel Retailing Perspective

Chang, H.-J., Cho, H.J., Frank, P., & Jin, B. (2011). Is Game Theory Applicable in Apparel and Retail Research? Yes!

Chen, W.-Ch. & Fiore, A.M. (2011). The Effect of Individual Difference on Acceptance of Pop-Up Retail by Taiwanese Consumers

Cho, S., Watchravesringkan, K., & Hodges, N. (2011). An Empirical Investigation of the Potential for Adoption of Self-service Technology in the Apparel Retail Setting

Evans, K. & Kim, H.J. (2011). Experience the Fashion-brand: Impacts of Experience Dimensions and Experience Types on Brand Resonance

Frank, P.M. & Watchravesringkan, K.(2011). Consumer Decision-Making Styles: An Exploration of Antecedents and Consequences

Frazier, B., Niehm, L., & Stoel, L.(2011). Community Resiliency Module: Connecting Learners with Rural Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Gupta, M. & Watchravesringkan, K. (2011). A Structural Analysis of Shopping Mall Repatronage Influences

Ha, S. & Stoel, L. (2011). Loyalty Programs that Matter to Customers: The Role of Distinctiveness, Relevance and Identity Salience

Jakubauskas, M.L., Tan, H.-S., Niehm, L.S., & Fiore, A.M. (2011). Marketing Strategies of Successful Rural Iowa Retail Businesses

Kim, H.-Y., Johnson, K.K.P., Kang, J.-Y.M., Cody, C., & Lee, J.Y. (2011). Latino Retail Entrepreneurship in Minnesota: A Delphi Method Approach

Ko, S.B. & Cho, H. (2011). Effects of Shipping Strategies on Apparel E-retailing

Seung Bong Ko, Oklahoma State University Leahy, A.M (2011). A Buying Simulation in Second Life®

Lee, E.-J., Kim, H., & Stanforth, N. (2011). A Presence Approach on the Role of Social Cue in Apparel e-Commerce

Ma, Y.J. & Lee, H.-H. (2011). Firms’ Unfair Practices and Consumer Responses: Cases of Manipulating Online Reviews

Son, J., Matthews, D. & Watchravesringkan, K. (2011). Investigating Influencing Factors of Brand Loyalty: Moderating Effects of Consumers’ Perceived Congruency between Brand Name and Store Name

Stanforth, N. & Hauck, W. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility and Internships

Stoll, E., Ha-Brookshire, J.E., & Morales, A. (2011).  Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Owners' Perceptions of Success in the Textile and Apparel Industries: Multiple Case Studies

Tajuddin, R.M. & Niehm, L.S. (2011). Rural Community Self-development Satisfaction: Scale Development and Validation

Watchravesringkan, K. & Frank, P.M. (2011). Modeling Consumers’ Loyalty toward Multinational Hypermarket Retailers in Thailand

Xu, W. & Cho, H. (2011). Why Did Taobao Outperform EachNet? 


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