2011 Proceedings Pedagogy
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Pedagogy track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.


Adams, M.K., Alexander, T., & Lopez, T.A. (2011). Designing the Perfect Show

Alexander, M. (2011). Using a Problem-Based Approach to Teach Visual Merchandising

Ashley, V.B. (2011). Using Internet Videoconferencing to Connect Fashion Students with Apparel Industry Professionals

Banning, J. & Gam, H.J. (2011). Team-Based Learning in a Fashion History Course

Browning-Samoni, L. & Scordato, S. (2011). Education through Communication: Using Web-based Resources to Connect Fashion Industry Management Students, Faculty and Alumni at Philadelphia University

Buchanan, K., Cothren, C., & McMurry, M. (2011). Integration and Alignment of Fashion and Design Course Outcomes, Teaching Strategies, and Assessment with Learning Outcomes

Burgess, B. & Yaoyuneyong, G. (2011). Program Assessment: Using Concept Maps to Illustrate Connectivity Between and Within Courses

Carroll, K., Powell, N., & Suh, M. (2011). Assessment of Factors Affecting Students’ Creativity in Fashion and Textiles Product Development Classes

Cottle, F. & Forsythe, S. (2011). Strategic Profit Model in Retail Education – Teaching Methodology Development

Gibson, F.Y. & Frasier, P.Y. (2011). Partnering with Industry to Teach Undergraduates Simple and Easy Marketing Research Techniques

Ha, Y. & Im, H. (2011). Student Acceptance of an Interactive Online Activity: The Effect of Hedonic and Utilitarian Values

Kim, J. & Kincade, D.H. (2011). Academic Assessment in the Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Curriculum

Kritis, M. (2011). Teaching Creativity, Why Now?

Lennon, S.J., Cobb, K., Jung, J. & Kim, H.-S. (2011). Integrating E-portfolios in the Fashion Curriculum for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA)

Magie, A.A. & Young, D.D. (2011). Increasing Student Understanding of the Global Textile and Apparel Industry Through a Collaborative Global Connections Project

Marcketti, S.B. Keist, C.N., & Romeo, L.D. (2011). Student Perceptions of a Hybrid Textile Science Course

McLeod, H. (2011). From Prediction to Publication to Production: A Student Project

Miller, P.B. (2011). From Trash to Flash: Utilizing Visual Design Concepts in a Competition for Recycled and Repurposed Garments and Accessories

Murray, B. (2011). Group Critiques and Learning: Providing Students with Experience, Constructive Feedback, and Assessment

Saiki, D., Nam, J., & Beck, J. (2011). A Course Using a Problem-Based Learning Approach to Make an Online Exhibit

Sharp, J. & Elsasser, V.H. (2011). Workplace Experiential Learning for First-Year Fashion Students

Yaoyuneyong , G. & Burgess, B. (2011). Wiki as Tools for Recruitment, Retention, and Long-term Engagement

Yurchisin, J., Chang, H.J., Cho, H.J., & Gupta, M. (2011). Think Globally, Click Locally: A Preliminary Examination of Learning Effectiveness in Online and Offline Global Sourcing Courses




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