2011 Proceedings Textile and Apparel Industry
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2011 ITAA Proceedings #68

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Sustainabiity and Social Responsibility track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and  are retrievable here.

Textile and Apparel Industry

Cho, H.J., Kananukul, C., & Jin, B. (2011). A Comparison of Global Competitive Advantage of U.S. and Italy Textile and Apparel Industries: Application of Generalized Double Diamond Model


Cho, J.R. & Chung, J.-E. (2011). Effects of Satisfaction and Trust on Long-Term Orientation in Small Apparel Retailer-Supplier Relationships

Choi, S. &Chun, J. (2011). Study of a Measure to Improve the Fitness of U.S. Apparel Products Directly Imported to Korea - with a Focus on Female Casual Lower Garments

Han, J. & NIehm, L.S. (2011). The Three Asian Tigers: Current Conditions and Prospects for Consumers, Markets, and Fashion Industries

Hodges, N. & Frank, P. (2011). The Case of the Disappearing Mill Village: Implications of Industry Change for Building and Sustaining Small Communities

Lu, S. (2011). Textile and Apparel Industry Research in China: An Analysis of Chinese Publications in National Academic Journals from 2008 to 2010

Lu, S. & Dickerson, K. (2011). Role-play Debate Enhances Students’ Understanding on the U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry in the Global Economy and Related Trade Policy Issues

Lu, Y. & Karpova, E. (2011). Chinese Textile and Clothing Manufacturers in Transition: Investigation of Internal Factors Related to Firm’s Business Performance

McAndrews, L. & Ha-Brookshire, J.E. (2011). Meanings of Success Described by U.S. Women Educators in the Textile and Apparel Discipline

Norum, P. & Ha-Brookshire, J. (2011). Consumer Product Safety Issues: A Relevant Topic for Today’s Textile and Apparel Curriculum

Quesenberry, P.P. & Kincade, D.H. (2011). Investigation of the Training Adjustment Assistance and Implications for Current Economics

Sadachar, A. & Karpova, E.E. (2011). Assessment of the Indian and US Technical Textile Industries: Application of SWOT Analysis

Saiki, D., Nam, J., Cao, H. (2011). An Instrument to Asses Fabric Features to Best Utilizethe Latest Presentation Technology

Wang, X., Zou, Y., & Karpova, E.E. (2011). US Apparel Companies Business Performance in the North American, European, and Asian Markets



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