2009 Merchandising Visual
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2009 ITAA Proceedings #66
Annual Meeting, Bellevue, Washington
October 28-31, 2009

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Merchandising/Management track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections Library and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

Merchandising Visual

Blood, J.A., (2009). Use of Google SketchUp for Visual Merchandising

Dabhade, A. & Kwon, W.-S., (2009). Antecedents of Older Consumers' Internet Shopping for Apparel Products: Perceived Risks and Benefits and Shopping Orientation

Ha, S. & Kwon, W.-S., (2009). Examining Cross-Channel Synergies in a Multi-Channel Retail Context: The Effects of Offline Store Knowledge on Online Shopping Behavior

Ha, Y. & Lennon, S.J., (2009). Effects of Website Atmospheric Stimuli on Pleasure and Perceived Risk: Role of Atmospheric Responsiveness

Hwang, J. & Kandampully, J., (2009). The Roles of Social Identity Connection and Emotional Attachment in Loyalty to Luxury Fashion Brand

Jai, T., Ti, C., & Kim, M., (2009). The Effects of Visual Product Presentation on Consumer Response in Online Shopping

Kim, J. & Forsythe, S., (2009). Functional and Hedonic Roles of Dynamic Product Imagery for Online Shopping: Does Age Matter?

Kim, M., Malkewitz, K., & Orth, U.R., (2009). The Effects of Thumbnail Page Design on Consumer Response in E-retailing

Kwon, W.-S., (2009). Integrated Learning through Collaborative Research Experience: Application in an Apparel Branding Graduate Seminar Course

Kwon, W.-S., Chang, J.Y., & Lennon, S.J., (2009). Online Visual Merchandising: Are Luxury Brands’ Websites Luxurious?

Niehm, L.S. & Fiore, A.M., (2009). Main Street Makeover Marathon: Partnering to enhance rural businesses and entrepreneurial learning for students in Iowa

Park, B. & Kim, H.J., (2009). Blogging Behavior: Impacts of Motivations with the Mediation of Flow

Reilly, A., (2009). The Scarecrow Project: Linking a Fashion Program to an Agricultural College through Service Learning

Rudd, N., Bickle, M., Hyllegard, K., Littrell, M., & Ogle, J.P., (2009). Teaching an Online, Multi-Disciplinary Course in Socially Responsible Advertising and Promotion: A Multi-University Collaboration

Seock, Y.-K., (2009). Fashion Promotions in the Hispanic Market: Hispanic Consumers’ Use of Media in Apparel Shopping

Shim, S.I. & Kwon, W.-K., (2009). Incongruence Effect of e-Tail Service Quality: How the Gaps between e-Tail Service Expectation and Performance Affect Perceived e-Tail Service Quality

Stoessell, P.B., (2009). The Fashion Industry and its Promotion Course

Studak, C.M. & Morthland, L.M., (2009). Developing a Cross Disciplinary Terminology in Spatial Concepts for Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design Programs for Retail Design Projects

Wang, Y., Cho, H., & Chen-Yin, J.L., (2009). Fashion Innovativeness as a Moderator among Taiwan College Students’ Beliefs, Attitudes and Intention toward Online Apparel Customization

Wu, J. & Kang, M., (2009). Where is the Gap? Connecting Uptown Businesses with Visual Merchandising Students

Xiao, R. & Chi, T., (2009). How to Make the Business Competitive? An Analysis of Foreign Luxury Brands in the Chinese Market

Yang, K. & Forney, J., (2009). Determinants of Mobile Shopping Adoption: Applying Unified Theory of User Acceptance and Technology

Yoo, J. & Kim, M., (2009). Online Product Presentation: The Effect of Product Coordination and a Model’s Face



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