2006 Proceedings Design and Aesthetics
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2006 ITAA Proceedings #63

Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Design and Aesthetics track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here. All rights reserved to ITAA.

2007 Design and Aesthetics

Ahn, I. S. (2006). An Analysis of Ready-to-Wear and Development of a Jacket Pattern

Ahn, I. S., Goodson, L. A. (2006). Teaching Fashion Aesthetics with Online Learning

Ahn, I. S., Jung, S. H., Lee, H. J. (2006). Design Aesthetics to Accommodate Disabilities

Alexander, M., Connell, L. J., Ulrich, P. V. (2006). Fit Problems, Body Build, Body Shape, Posture and Shape of Component Body Parts

Blood, J. A. (2006). Satchels and Turbans

Boorady, L. M., Hawley, J. M. (2006). Patternmaking-Student Attributes That Spell Success

Botkin M. (2006). From Pencil to Mouse

Branson, D., Farr, C., Kumphai, P., Peksoz, S., Ricord, D. (2006). Commercializing QuadGard Body Armor

Branson, D., Kumphai, P., Peksoz, S., Ricord, D. (2006). Breaking Ground-Moving from Laboratory Prototype

Branson, D., Peksoz, S., Ricord, D., Starr, C. (2006). Child's Medical Support Garment Prototype

Brown, W., Sullivan, P. (2006). Development and Assessment of the addition of TA-facilitated laboratory

Bruce, V. L. (2006). Software Technical Support

Cao, H., Farr, C., Gam, H. J., Heine, L., Hur, J. (2006). Development and implementation of C2CAD

Carrico, M., Leslie, C. A. (2006). Incorporating Technology in the Apparel Design Curriculum

Chattaraman, V., Rudd, N. A. (2006). A Meta-Analytic Comparison Perception-Based Studies

Chen, C. M. (2006). Fit Evaluation Made-To-Measure Process

Choi, K. M., Choi, Y. L., Nam, Y. (2006). StandardizationsbytheGridMethod

Choi, K. M., Nam, Y. J., Park, S. M. (2006). A Development of Multi-Functional Body Skin using 3D Body scan data

Dickson, M. A., Hustvedt, G. (2006). Product development for blended organic cotton apparel products

Dragoo, S. L., Young, D. D. (2006). A Comparison of Fashion Design Students' Creative Apparel Competition

Duncan, S. F (2006). Creative T-shirt designs under time

Duncan, S. F., Gardner, L. (2006). The Line Review- Effectiveness of a Juried Panel of Reviewers

Eicher, J. B., Park, J. (2006). A Multi-Dimensional Inquiry into Two Styles of Body Enclosure

Elizabeth, R., Sanders-Okine, E. A. (2006). Creating a Selection of Wedding Dresses

Ellinwood, J. G. (2006). An Unlikely Road to Fashion Inspiration

Elsasser, G. H., Sharp, J. (2006). The Angst and Anguish of Integrating Apparel Industry Software

Fiore, A. M., Kim, D. E., Kunz, G. I., Lee S. E. (2006). Mass Customization of Activewear

Frey, D. K., Hines, J. D., Swinker, M. E. (2006). Visual Quality or Clutter

Gahring, S., LaBat, K. (2006). Ensuring Adequate Technical Skills for Clothing Design Students

Gitimu, P. N., Workman, J. E. (2006). Influence of Strategy Choice on Spatial Performance in Apparel Design

Hayden, S. (2006). Quiet Chic From the Floating World

Hethorn, J., Kallal, J. (2006). Sustainable Fashion

Istook, C. L., Lee, J., Shin, S. J. H. (2006). Head Shape Comparisons between Korean and American

Istook, C. L., Newcomb, B. (2006). 3D Visualization Technologies for Apparel

Istook, C. L., Shin, S. J. H. (2006). Demographic Factors for Developing Apparel Sizing Systems in USA

Kim, J. (2006). Adoption of Sensory Enabling Technology

Kim, D. E., LaBat, K (2006). Design Process for Developing a Liquid Cooling Ventilation Garment

Lee, Y. Y. (2006). The Concept of Fashion as Art

Lin, S. H. (2006). An Examination of Organic cotton in the Hawai'i Market

May, T., Kenkare, N. (2006). An Investigation of Three Dimensional Virtual Technologies

McIntire, J., Oh, H. (2006). Consumer-Driven Testing of Fashion Merchandise

Moore, M. A.,Yaoyuneyong, G. (2006). Evaluating the Accuracy and Consistency of Color Tolerance

Mullet, K. K. (2006). Thermal Insulation of Three Garment Sleeve Structures

Quevedo, V. G. V. (2006). An Introduction to Draping for Pattern Making

Sanders-Okine, E. A. (2006). Traditional Ghanaian Textiles for Eveningwear Creation

Schofield, N. A. (2006). Relationship of grading methods to garment fit at the bust


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