ITAA Teaching Collection
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ITAA Teaching Collection


Sharing and Using Best Teaching Practices

The ITAA Teaching Collection is a collection of teaching resources by subject.

The purpose of the Collection is to:
  1. help ITAA members to increase teaching and learning efficiency and effectiveness by sharing and using best teaching practices;
  2. disseminate best practice of teaching and learning in textiles and apparel field.
  • Only ITAA members have access to the ITAA Teaching Collection and can contribute their teaching materials to the Collection.
  • Under the Creative Commons licensing, all materials posted on the ITAA Teaching Collection are freely available for ITAA members to use, without prior permission. 
  • ITAA Teaching Collection is an outlet for the scholarship of teaching and learning in the field of textiles, apparel, and related products.
It is expected that out of professional courtesy, ITAA members, who will use teaching materials from the Collection or adopt them to suit their courses and teaching style, will notify the author(s) of the materials.
It is also expected that authors of materials that were reviewed and posted on the ITAA web site agree to answer potential emails with questions from colleagues who are considering or incorporating teaching materials into their own courses.
Each author submitting materials for review is expected to review 2-3 other submissions.
Submissions dates:
February 1, 2015, May 1, 2015, August 1, 2015 and November 1, 2015

Review Process

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Guidelines for Authors (Contributors)

Guidelines for Reviewers



Product Development & Technical Design
Aesthetics & Creative Design
Retailing & Merchandising
Visual Merchandising & Promotion
Marketing & Branding
Consumer Behavior
Textile/Apparel Industries & Trade/Sourcing
Sustainability & Social Responsibility
History & Culture
Social Psychology of Dress
Textile Science
Study Abroad & Field Trips
Professional Development & Internships


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