2012 Proceedings Consumer Behavior
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2012 ITAA Proceedings #69

Honolulu, HI, USA

Below is a list of scholarship presented in the Consumer Behavior track. The proceedings are held at the Iowa State University Special Collections and are retrievable here.

Consumer Behavior

Asperin, Amelia Adora and Lee, Jaeha.  Exploring Student and Alumni Purchase Behavior of University-Licensed Merchandise
Bakkar, Romnia and  Rabolt, Nancy J.  Complexity, Prior Experience, and Consumer Acceptance of Mass Customization of Online Apparel Shopping
Bhaduri, Gargi and Ha-Brookshire, Jung E.  Fraud or Misleading: What to Distrust?
Chang, Hyo Jung (Julie), Son, Junghwa, and Yurchisin, Jennifer.  The Impact of Retail Therapy on Apparel Consumers’ Post-Purchase Emotions
Chen-Yu, Jessie and Cho, Siwon.  Brand Purchase Intent in Online Apparel Shopping: An examination of Brand Experience, Image Self-Congruity, Brand Affect, and Brand Trust
Cho, Siwon and Workman, Jane E.  Influences of Gender, Need for Affect, and Tolerance for Risk-taking on Frequency of Use of Information Sources
Cho, Sunmyoung and Koh, Ae-Ran.  Women’s Workout Clothes and Market Segments Based on Workout Motivation
Davis, Lizhu.  Effects of Shopping Orientation on Consumer Shopping Value: An Exploratory Study
Emadi, Mona and Ha-Brookshire, Jung.  Exploring the Effect of Fear Appeals on U.S. Consumers in the Textile and Apparel Marketplace
Giovannini, Sarah and Xu, Yingjiao.  The Influence of Brand Consciousness on Young Consumers’ Self versus Social Consumption for Luxury Fashion Products
Gitimu, Priscilla N., Workman, Jane E., and Robinson , Joyce R.  Garment Quality Evaluation: Influence of Fashion Leadership, Fashion Involvement and Gender
Ha-Brookshire, Jung and  Norum, Pamela.  Bamboozled or Dog Fur? Consumers’ Physiological Reactions to Mislabeled Fibers
Hong, Heesook, Kim, Hye-Shin, and Lennon, Sharron J.   Negative Perceptions of Review Quality versus Usefulness of Online Reviews
Inouye, Stephanie, Chi, Ting and Bradley, Linda Arthur.  Consumer Perceived Values of Traditional Hawaiian dress: The Effects of Socio-Demographic Factors
Kang, Keang Young, Johnson, Kim K. P., and Kim, Hye-Young.  Parents as Buyers of Characterized Children Fashion Products: An Exploratory Study
Kim, Angella J. and Johnson, Kim K.P.  Body Image and Retail Therapy Behaviors among College Students
Kim, Chunyeon and Hwang, Jinsook.  The Effect of Shopping Quality and Shopping Value on Purchase Intention in Mobile Fashion Shopping
Kim, Hye-Young and Yoo, Jeong-Ju. The Joint Effect of Private Self-Consciousness and Self-Monitoring on Luxury Fashion Brand Consumption Behavior
Kim, Jihyun "J" and Lee, Hyun-Hwa.  Consumers’  Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Responses towards Multichannel Mass Merchants: A Comparison of Three Competing Models
Kim, Su Yeon, Koh, Ae-Ran, and Jin,  Byoungho.  Why and How Luxury Clothing Consumers Complain? : A Grounded Approach
Lee, Hyun-Jung, Park, Jee-Sun, and Lee, Kyu-Hye.  Effects of Fashionable Clothing Images on Lifestyle and Shopping of Middle-Aged Women
Lee, Ji Young and Johnson,  Kim K. P.  Comparing Consumer Responses to Cause-Related Marketing Practices: Transaction-Based Cause-Related Marketing and Cause-Related Experiential Marketing
Lee, Seahee, Johnson, Kim, K. P. and Lee,  Soojung.  The Relationships among Hedonic Shopping, Compulsive Buying, Attachment to Possessions and Compulsive Hoarding
Lu, Yan-ni, Ko, Soonhwa, and Rhee, Youngsun.  Effects of Chinese Consumers' Shopping Orientation and Browsing on Purchasing Behavior
Ma, Yoon Jin, Hahn, Kim, and Lee, Hyun-Hwa.  Effect of Individual Difference on Online Review Perception and Usage Behavior: Need for Cognitive Closure and Demographics
Milavec, Briana and Lennon, Sharron J.  An Analysis of Consumer Misbehavior on Black Friday
Noh, Mijeong and Runyan, Rodney C.  Young Consumers’ Innovativeness and Hedonic/Utilitarian Attitudes toward Cool Products
Norum, Pamela. Willingness to Pay for Socially Responsible Attributes in Textile Products: An Empirical Analysis of Apparel and Sheets
Park, Juyeon and Curwen, Lisa.  When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit: A Content Analysis of Female Consumers’ Negative Emotions
Park, Yoon Jung, Niehm, Linda, and Baytar, Fatma.  The Intention of Adopting Online Mass Customization for People with Physical Limitations: A Qualitative Approach
Rabolt, Nancy J., Cortez, Maribel, Frey, Heather, Lok, Saleen, Macatbag, Marygill, and Starr, Stephanie.  Social Networking as an Innovation: Its Relation to Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Social Network Marketing
Ramos, Monica and Yan, Ruoh-Nan (Terry) (2012), “Feeling Empowered to Be Able to Walk Away”: Exploring Consumers’ Coping Strategies to Fighting Impulses
Rhee, Jongeun and Hau, Greta.  Luxury and Necessity Assessments: Goods That We Cannot Do Without
Rhee, Jongeun, Johnson, Kim K. P., and Ryoo, Ji Hoon.  Exploring Relationships between Self-Brand Congruence and Brand Commitment
Simmons, Karla P.  Innovative Use of Teaching Garment Quality Analysis
Vassallo, Nicole and Lennon, Sharron J.  Black Friday Consumer Misbehavior from the Retail Workers' Perspective
Yang, Kiseol, Sota, Serena, and Barge, Ashley.  Situational Influences on Using Mobile Shopping
Yoo, Jungmin and Kim, Minjeong.  The Effect of Website Reputation and Brand Name on Consumer Responses on the Internet
Yoon, Eunju, Gao, Xiuyuan, and Ha, Young.  What Drives Consumers to Use M-commerce for Apparel Shopping?
Zhang, Ruirui, Tung, Tracie, Kim, Eunyoung, and Pedersen, Elaine.  Concept Analysis of Purchase Intention



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